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Turku Cathedral

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Turku Cathedral, Finland

Turku Cathedral at Turku, Finland

Turku Cathedral, the mother church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, is one of the major tourist attractions of the city of Turku. The cathedral holds the pivotal position of being the country’s national shrine. The church is also the place for the seat of Archbishop of Finland.

The importance of the shrine can be ascertained by the following fact: the sound of its bell is heard during the stroke of noon over radio (Channel Yle Radio 1) throughout Finland. The church is the favored choice of the travelers and is dear to every Finn. The sound of the bells also proclaims the Christmas peace to the country.

The entrance of the church is engraved with a text, which reads, “The Cathedral is not just a museum, but a living church where people come together to meet with God and to worship Him”. The church is visited as a tourist place as well as a place for worship by thousands every year.

The clock at the church is really interesting as its hands constantly puzzle people. It appears as if the clock always shows the wrong time as the hour-hand is long and it looks like two separate hands in a straight line.

The church premises also house an attractive museum, which preserves many priceless objects narrating the glorious history of the place and the church. Photography is allowed in the church premises, but is strictly prohibited in the museum as it contains many items which are sensitive.

The museum at the church lies in the south gallery of the premise and is the home of a prized collection of ecclesiastical artifacts, which dates from the 14th century up to the present time. The museum is closed during church services. Its entrance is through the main Entrance Hall of the church. The travelers visiting the church can buy post cards, books, brochures, and CDs, which are available for sale.

Domcafé at the church offers coffee and refreshments to visitors during summers. In winters, the service is available by arrangement.

Turku Cathedral Map

Facts about Turku Cathedral

  • The cathedral was completed and consecrated in 1300.
  • Presently, Archbishop Kari Mäkinen holds the leadership of the cathedral.
  • In 1827, the Great Fire of Turku damaged the Cathedral. It was reconstructed afterwards.

Where is Turku Cathedral?

Turku Cathedral is located in Turku, Finland. You can reach the cathedral from the nearby Turku airport within fifteen minutes by car.

Best time to visit Turku Cathedral

Summer season is the best time to visit Turku. You may plan your visit to the cathedral during summers.

Turku Cathedral Hours

The church opens on all days from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. In summers it closes at 9:00 pm. It is closed during church services.

Turku Cathedral Tickets

Admission to the cathedral is free. The entry ticket to the museum costs €2.00 per individual. The ticket for children (7-17), senior citizens, and students costs €1.00.

More on Turku Cathedral

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Published On: Wednesday, December 18th, 2013