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Sao Paulo Aquarium (Aquario de Sao Paulo) in Brazil

Sao Paulo Aquarium (Aquario de Sao Paulo)

Sao Paulo Aquarium, Brazil

The Sao Paulo Aquarium (Aquario de Sao Paulo) is sited in the Ipiranga neighborhood, Brazil. The aquarium in Sao Paulo exhibits a variety of interesting animals such as Two-toed Sloth, Subantarctic Fur Seal, Magellanic Penguin, Flying Fox, South American Fur Seal, Pantanal Alligator, Neotropical Otter, and Amazonian Manatee. Some of the fish at the aquarium are Blue Tang, Yellow Tang, White-blotched River Stingray, Spotted sorubim, Redbelly piranha, Electric eel, Green Moray, Piracanjuba, Dogface Puffer, Dusky Grouper, Southern Stingray, and Clownfish. The reptiles at the aquarium are Boa, Green Anaconda, Burmese Python, and Reticulated Python. There are various species of sharks at the aquarium, including, Sand Tiger Shark, Nurse Shark, and Cat Shark.

This theme-based aquarium lets the visitors experience diverse environments at one place:

  • The Oceanarium with over 1 million liters of water is home to different species of marine animals. Watch them through the transparent glass.
  • The Fresh water and Amazon Rainforest section is a showcase of lizards, anacondas, iguanas, and the famous albino caiman (alligators), and fish of the Amazon.
  • In the Valley of the Dinosaurs and Paleontology museum, you would be able to see replicas of various prehistoric creatures and skeletons of dinosaurs.

The Aquarium of São Paulo offers an excellent place for arranging parties, events, and gatherings. The special area can be booked for parties after 6:00 p.m. on all days. It has the capacity to accommodate 300 people. Beverages, snacks, etc., are served during the parties. You need to contact the commercial center of the aquarium for the bookings.

The aquarium has started offering Cantonment services. At night the kids, (also the parents who are interested to join) are given group presentation, and walk around the aquarium. The guests are made to enjoy around a thematized camp fire. They are taken to the night habitats of various animals. Finally, the tale tellers narrate the stories and meals are served. The tickets for this event can be bought online using credit cards or directly from the events department.

The night tours of the aquarium are the most popular tours among the visitors. During the guided night tour, every visitor gets a flashlight to see the nocturnal habitat and activities of the animals. Delicious food is served after the tour in the Sao Paulo Aquarium Restaurant.

Some of the places that you must visit on your tour of the aquarium are the São Paulo Museum of Art, Paulista Avenue, Credicard Hall, and Edificio Copan.

Sao Paulo Aquarium Location Map

Location Map of Sao Paulo Aquarium Brazil

Location Map of Sao Paulo Aquarium in Brazil

Sao Paulo Aquarium Facts

  • The Sao Paulo Aquarium is called Aquario de São Paulo in the Portuguese language.
  • It claims to be the first theme aquarium in South America.
  • The aquarium was built in 2006 upon 9,000 m sq area.
  • During January 2014, a model dressed up as a mermaid performed at the aquarium to draw more visitors.

Where is Sao Paulo Aquarium?

The Sao Paulo Aquarium is located in a residential neighborhood of Sao Paulo City in Brazil. It takes approximately 13 minutes to reach the aquarium from the Congonhas-São Paulo Airport in Avenida Washington Luís, Sao Paulo (via North-South Corridor and Rua Luis Gois).

Address : Rua Huet Bacelar, 407 – Ipiranga – São Paulo – SP – Cep 04275-000

How to Reach ?

You can reach the aquarium by a car, a bus, or Subway. Board on the 5108-10 JD CELESTE bus and get down at R. Vieira de Almeida, 223, located at a walking distance of 275 meters from the aquarium. The Green Line – Santos-Imigrantes Subway station is located at a walking distance of 590 meters from the aquarium.


Best time to visit Sao Paulo Aquarium

The months of June and July are probably the best times to visit the city of Sao Paulo, as they are the driest months. Visitation after 4:00 p.m. is recommended for the physically challenged persons or people who bring their infants in carriages.


Sao Paulo Aquarium Hours

The Sao Paulo Aquarium opens daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Sao Paulo Aquarium Tickets

The passport ticket for an adult costs (Brazilian Real) R$ 8000; while for a child (age 3- to 12-year-old), the passport ticket costs R$ 4000. The entry ticket for a senior person costs R$ 4000.

On Mondays, a Promotional Price ticket of R$ 4000 is available for everyone. The ticket for a nighttime visit costs R$ 90,00 and R$ 70,00 per adult and child, respectively.


More Info

How many animals are there in the aquarium?
There are about 3,000 specimens of about 300 species of animals in the aquarium.

When was the first night tour conducted?
The first night tour of the aquarium was conducted on January 23, 2009.


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Published On: Thursday, May 1st, 2014