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Pelourinho (Historic Centre) Travel Information

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Pelourinho (Historic Centre) Salvador Image

A Picture from Pelourinho – The Historic Centre of Salvador, Bahai

While roaming in Salvador, if you come across vividly-colored buildings bedecked with hunky-dory stucco, you are at the Pelourinho – the Historic Centre. This place has a grim history. Salvador was the place where the first slave market was established in 1558. During the colonial era, the slaves were punished here. The Pelourinho was also the residence of the aristocracy.

Due to the migration of the slaves from various parts of the world, the architecture of the historic center showcases a fine meld of African, Amerindian, and European cultures. The Brazilian city has preserved the prominent Renaissance buildings very well. The buildings that form the historic center belong to the 16th to 18th centuries and are laid out in a well-planned manner over the hill.

Some of the buildings are the Praça Thomé de Souza, Carmel and St Anthony, the Palacio Thomé de Souza, St Dominic, Saldanha Palace, Municipal Plaza, Ferrão Palace, House of Mercy, etc. The Terreiro de Jesus is one of the prominent places in the Pelourinho complex. It is a site of religious importance as it is surrounded by four churches. The Jesuits built the Cathedral Basilica in the XVII century. The Fundação Jorge Amado building is a cultural institution that exhibits the works of the famous writer and artist Jorge Amado. For the benefit of the visitors, the Pelourinho provides various facilities such as banks, police station, parks, safety services, and libraries.

The sunset views of the city are commendable. Do not miss to eat an ice-cream sold in the best ice-cream parlors of the historic city.

The tourists not only enjoy the beautiful scenes of the Pelourinho, they also relish the Bahian cuisine and love to hear the thumping of the Olodum. This reminds me once again of the Sergio Mendes’ song titled “Funky Bahia”. Due to its picturesque beauty, even the late singer Michael Jackson shot some scenes of his song “They don’t care about us” at the historical center.

Note: Even though it is a safe place, yet you should keep a small purse underneath your T-shirt, and should not carry big cameras.

Some of the attractions near Pelourinho are Elevador Lacerda, Market Model, Casa Jorge Amado, and Brazilian Music Museum.

Pelourinho Location Map

Facts about Pelourinho 

  • Salvador was the first capital of Brazil. It remained the Brazil’s capital city from 1549 to 1763.
  • The Historic Centre was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

Where is Pelourinho ?

The Pelourinho is located in the historical city of Salvador. The historical center is about 25.9 km away from the Salvador-Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport.
Address :  Pelourinho, Salvador, BA, Brazil

Best time to visit Pelourinho

The church, museums, and some other buildings close in the evenings, so you must plan your visit to the Historic Centre during mornings.

More about Pelourinho 

What are the coordinates of the Pelourinho?
12.9719° S, 38.5081° W

Are there any hotels near the historic center?

Yes. There are many hotels located inside and near the historical center. Hotel Solar do Carmo, Hotel Pousada da Mangueira, Bahiacafé Hotel, etc., are some of the hotels near the Pelourinho.

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Image Credit  :   Bruno Girin



Published On: Monday, May 19th, 2014