After a short walk from Federation square I decided to get down by the Yarra riverside and enjoy unparalleled city views. I was on a complete joyride with my camera rolling continuously and clicking some memorable moments to share with you. One of the first quirky attractions which caught my attention was a large Boat propeller placed strategically alongside the River impeccably gelling with the rest of the environment… a well-thought art installation. I walked further alongside the river bank and found few connecting bridges to the other side of the Yarra River which in itself was quite arty. All these bridges had something unique about them… one of them which caught my attention was a small suspension bridge with hundreds of locks hanging along its entire boundary wires… probably love birds whose names were written on these locks wants to remain connected forever, really can’t confirm this but it was an interesting site to watch this unusual style of bonding. It was New Year eve; so was this bridge fully decked up with red heart-shaped decorations making it look even more interesting.

Yarra Riverside Cafes and Restaurants

Riverside Cafes and Restaurants

Waterfront sidewalk… relaxing!

Waterfront sidewalk… relaxing!

Melbourne’s riverfront vistas dotted with high-end cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and high-rise buildings makes every visitor’s visit a fulfilling experience. Walking by Yarra River while catching a glimpse of Melbourne’s eclectic skyline is something which nobody may want to miss. One can Indulge in rich café culture by the river side, go mad while hopping from one shopping Mall to another or simply enjoy cool breeze while relaxing at one of river facing benches… these river side trawls will leave a spellbinding experience.

Free Stress Test along riverside… interesting!

Free Stress Test along riverside… interesting!

Riverside Live Sketching session

Live Sketching session

This place is always abuzz with lively crowds thronging river side cafes, restaurants, bars and Malls. While taking a stroll I found quite a few artists performances which were absolutely entertaining. There was this performer performing some magical tricks while another one giving Free Stress Test to one of its client and at another end an artist busy sketching a live portrait... all in all a complete entertainment.

Stunning City skyline from Waterfront with Arty feel… that’s Melbourne for you!

Even if you simply walk by riverside and do nothing, still you end up doing so much, that’s the beauty of this place. Just keep your eyes and ears open, you will have lot to watch and listen. What I experienced was calm and soothing atmosphere all over. My recommendation would be to just block your entire day and take relaxing trawl alongside the Yarra river or get onboard on one of the river cruise boats and enjoy spectacular city views… isn’t it a good idea, go give it a try!

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Published On: Wednesday, April 30th, 2014