Apart from its artistic heritage, Montreal is very famous for its food culture as well. There is a wide variety of foods available in the city. Montrealers enjoy having great quality food all the time. Trust me, I have been to almost every possible famous eatery and found out that the latter one was better than the former one. Ranging from all-time favorite Canadian dishes like Poutine to Chinese noodles, every food item in this city is of A grade and top notch quality. I drooled over almost all the food I ate. I would love to share more about my best food experiences I have had so far. Here is the list of places where I went:

#1 Cafe Noir

Cafe Noir

Cafe Noir serves one of the best coffees in the town.

This cafe is located right outside the "Mont royal" metro station. It was a random pick by me when I was heading for Mount Royal park. I believe that this cafe serves one of the best coffees in the town. I took a "double shot chocolate ice capp" and believe me, the very first thing came out of my mouth after having it was " It is divine "..... This cafe also serves many food combos. I would suggest this place to someone who is a foodie like me and doesn't hesitate to tingle their taste buds

#2 Restaurant Noodle Factory

Restaurant Noodle Factory

Visit Restaurant Noodle Factory for authentic Chinese food

It is located right on the junction of "Rue - Saint urbain" and "Palace d Armes" streets. As I already said that I love to explore the city streets with the local food, I randomly picked this place too. It's a very small Chinese restaurant which serves some quality authentic Chinese dishes. I ordered "Hong kong style spicy chicken noodles" and was totally content after my meal. Moreover this dish didn't burn my pocket because it was a mere 7.98 dollars ( which is very little for a tasty dish like this)...

#3 Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

Try out French Vanilla  with a chocolate muffin at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons (locally called as Timmy's) is a trusted and most famous cafe in the country. So, if you don't like to experiment with your food, come to this place, sit back, and enjoy a cup of coffee. One of the most favored combinations of the local public here is "French Vanilla" with a chocolate muffin. They also serve a wide variety of bagels (which is breakfast for most of the people with coffee), doughnuts, muffins, etc. The best part about this cafe is that it has multiple outlets in the city and is very reasonable.

Published On: Sunday, December 29th, 2013