Many people experience jet bloats, i.e., accumulation of gas in the stomach while traveling in an airplane. It not only becomes a problem for the person who experiences jet bloats, but for fellow passengers as well. Have you ever thought about the way to solve this problem?

How to prevent bloating while flying

Eat Right before a flight,
No jet bloats, whether it's day or night!

Foods to avoid when Flying

Oil and fat-rich foods

The smell of fat-rich foods make us go crazy. It is such that even if our bellies are full, the smell pulls us, and we walk towards the shop selling these foods (sometimes I feel our feet automatically start trotting towards the direction of the smell). Lip-smacking finger foods and mouth-watering burgers are a delight to our taste. These oil and fat-rich foods must be avoided before embarking upon a journey in an airplane. They make the journey uncomfortable by causing heartburn. Also, as they have high content of trans fats, they retain fluids in the body, and may even lead to swelling of your feet.


I personally hate garlic the most, even though it has medicinal properties. Yet, I feel that there are a lot of alternatives to this smelly, yet essential ingredient in most of our foods. A good reason to say no to garlic just before boarding a plane is that it causes halitosis. It may also cause body odor. Would you like to make your seatmate uncomfortable with the foul smell?

Foods that produce gas

Sitting for a longer duration in a closed cabin causes excessive flatulence. Foods such as beans, cauliflower, radish, and cabbage, etc. must be avoided as they produce gas.

Beverages to avoid when Flying

Vitamin C-rich drinks

Fruit juices that contain Vitamin C cause excess urination.

Acidic drinks

 Orange juice being acidic causes heartburn.

Carbonated drinks

 Caffeine in carbonated drinks lets you stay awake resulting in subsequent visits to the toilets. They may also make you burp.

Alcoholic beverages

On one hand, they soothe your nerves, while on the other hand they dehydrate your body. These drinks also cause bad breath.


People usually drink coffee while waiting for the flight. It must be avoided as the caffeine in coffee leads to bladder irritation and dehydration.

I hope this article would help you in experiencing a comfortable journey by air.

Published On: Monday, January 13th, 2014