Best Beaches in Brazil

Copacabana - one of the Best Beaches in Brazil

Brazil is famous for its wonderful beaches that offer a perfect combination of sun, surf, and sand. As the country is blessed with exotic beaches, it has become a beachgoers' paradise. The fact that the beaches in Brazil are frequented by girls wearing swankiest beachwear made me recall one of my favorite songs, "Garota De Ipanema", translated as "The Girl From Ipanema". Every beach in Brazil has an exceptional quality. While on one hand, sequestered coves on the southern island of Santa Catarina along with rugged relief of Bahia beckon lovers and honeymooners; on the other hand, the Northeast states of Maranhao and Rio Grande do Norte are pockmarked with aquamarine pools are a swimmer's delight. Expansive seafront piled up with sand, dotted with coconut and palm trees, make Praia Dos Carneiros a beach you would love to visit. Dive into the ocean from the cliffs at the Leblon beach and feel the refreshing splashes of the waves on your body.

Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

If you see the statue of Cristo Redentor with its arms open wide as if welcoming you, overlooking the bay, you are in Rio de Janeiro. The city has some of the best beaches, such as the crescent-shaped Ipanema Beach, vivacious Leblon, Copacabana with stylish sidewalk, Arpoador Beach and Barra da Tijuca Beach. Rio's beaches are a delight for everyone. Stretching about 12 km, the Barra da Tijuca Beach is famous for its waterfront, where people play volleyball.

Best Beaches in Fernando de Noronha

Blessed with natural wealth, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha boasts of some of the best beaches. Located about 500 miles away from the coast of Pernambuco State in Brazil, the islands of Fernando de Noronha are a hub of activities such as diving, surfing, snorkeling, planasub, fishing, etc. Two of the most popular beaches in Brazil are Porto de Galinhas and Tamandaré. A few beaches of Noronha allow stopover of the boats for bathing in the turquoise ocean without harming the colorful kingdom of corals.

Best Beaches in Bahia

Have you heard the song "Funky Bahia", sung by Will.I.Am featuring Sergio Mendes? If your answer is positive, you already know what kind of a place it is. If you haven't, then let me tell you that Bahia is a fun-filled place characterized by night parties, dance, and music. For their natural scenery and panoramic views, the beaches of Bahia are picture-postcard destinations. They are surrounded by mangroves, coral reefs, and salt marshes. They offer a refreshing hiatus from the moribund city life.

All the beaches in Brazil are full of bars and marvelous restaurants. Visit them for indelible memories. Some of the beaches are located near the host cities of the FIFA World Cup Brazil.

Image Credit : Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts

Published On: Monday, May 5th, 2014