Wondering where to shop in Rio?

Wondering where and What to shop at Rio de Janeiro?

Shopping in Rio de Janeiro can turn out to be such an awesome experience particularly now that the city is among the Brazilian cities that are playing host to the 2014 Football World Cup. Rio, as popularly known by the locals, has elegant malls hence making it a suitable shopping destination for shopping enthusiasts. Before looking at these tips, it is imperative you know some of the city’s most popular shopping places. Below are 5 best places to shop in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Havaianas Store

    The funky shopping mall is synonymous with Rio de Janeiro’s beach life. It is a perfect place for a typical style-conscious shopper for there is sheer amount of good and accessories that come in different styles, sizes and colors. Prices here are more than accessible especially for basic models, though prices can vary depending on the latest styles. The mall is arguably a must for those escaping the scorching sand of the city’s beaches.

  • RioSul Shopping center

    It is one of the city’s oldest shopping centers and it was inaugurated in 1980. It has several restaurants and 380 stores hence making it a great place to discover carioca’s fashion particularly during rainy days. You can even shop here during the night since the center is open till late hours. You can get a taxi to drop you right at the door step of your hotel or where you are residing whilst in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Barra Shopping center

    Are you in the mood for serious retail therapy? Then it is time you take a cab or jump on a bus and head for this wealthy shopping mall. Situated to the west of Rio de Janeiro where there are sprawling shopping malls, Barra Shopping mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the city. It houses food courts, high end street fashion stores and entertainment complexes. Whether you are looking for the latest suit or smartphone, you will definitely find it here.

  • Shopping Grand Rio Mall

    If you want to have a nice family excursion then visit Shopping Grand Rio. With over 200 different stores, it is the largest shopping malls in Baixada, Rio de Janeiro. Shopping Grand Rio houses many big brands, a multi-screen cinema, a Supermarket and a Chapel.

  • Feira Do Rio Antigo

    The historic mall is the perfect setting for a bustling street market with a market day held on first Saturday of every month. Taking a taxi to this shopping center will give you an opportunity to purchase virtually everything ranging from antiques, handmade fashions to vintage accessories. It is a great place to shop with a group of friends or to buy great clothes for your family.

  • Feira Hippie De Ipanema

    Whereas the name 'hippie fair’ may probably conjure images of incense sticks and flowing kaftans, this doesn’t meant that this colorful market that is situated in Ipanema isn’t a great place for a shopping enthusiast to shop everything ranging from local fashion to latest electronics. Here, goods are sold at give away prices and you will therefore find something that suits your budget.

Tips for Shopping in Rio de Janeiro 

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of a shopping day out in Rio de Janeiro.

Tips for a great shopping experience at Rio de Janeiro!

5 Great Tips for a great shopping experience at Rio de Janeiro!

  • Choose Brazilian- made brands

    Whereas you are bound to find almost everything you are interested in while shopping in Rio de Janeiro, it is imperative to note that imported goods are relatively expensive as compared to locally manufactured goods. As such, you need to select Brazilian- made brands to save your money.

  • Get a Guide 

    Rio e Janeiro is not only one of the largest cities in Brazil, but also in the world over. It can consequently be hard for the average visitor to know where to start shop in the city. As such , getting a guide is paramount for you especially if it is your fist time in the city. You can ask a local to be your guide and you will easily get to know where to shop whilst in the city.

  • Use your credit card

    Most malls in Rio de Janeiro accept credit cards and hence there is no need to carry a lot of money with you when you have a credit card. This is a great idea of keeping your money safe from muggers who are known to target tourists.

  • Take a cab

    Most of the shopping centers are located in the city’s outskirts. It may be challenging to access these centers without a reliable mean of transport, particularly for first time visitors. But you can get to any shopping destination in the city if you take a cab. A cab will come in handy if you are shopping for more goods.

  • Always carry a passport with you

    You need to carry your passport with your whenever you are going out for shopping for purposes of identification. Remember you are in a foreign nation and you must always prove your are there legally lest you get on the wrong side of the law.

With these tips, there is no doubt that you will have a memorable and a great shopping experience.

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Published On: Saturday, June 14th, 2014