Food Court at Sydney Opera House - Design

Architectural components inspired by surroundings

Hey, they brought the waves inside! This exactly was my expression when I stood at level 2 of the Sydney Opera House and looked down. A brilliantly designed area outside food court/restaurants awaited me. The wave form used for defining different stages in a contrasting color with the actual waves in the sea seemed a brilliant idea. It looked like it has been executed exceptionally well too.

It was not a very busy day, but the way seating and walking areas were demarcated, one could admire the planning for very heavy flow of people moving from the Circular Quay to the Opera House and vice-versa in an absolutely seamless manner sans any boundaries. It kind of holds back a few people both on their way to and back from Opera House without offending their souls.

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The cruise-liner, skyline, boats, Sydney Harbor Bridge, birds, sky, water and the Opera House all kind of get connected as if they were co-joined at birth and have never been separated.

I enjoyed my sole meal here on the ramparts of Sydney Opera House. There was not a single dull moment.

Published On: Monday, August 12th, 2013