Relax - You are at Sydney Opera House

Scenic Fitness Tours. Hmm.. Burn and Stretch Out

I had seen and participated in walking tours, trekking tours, cycling tours, bus tours and train tours but never had a chance of looking/ participating in a real running/ jogging tour before. This is how it unfolded:

I was looking around and absorbing views of Sydney Harbor Bridge from a bench  around a sidewalk of Sydney Opera House and I suddenly see lots of legs in my frame of reference. Puzzled, looked above and couldn't place things together.  Why would so many souls in running shoes and shorts suddenly surface here? Two minutes and I realized there was a guy looking and operating like a coach, two more minutes and it kinda unfolded. This group was part of the Scenic Fitness Tours of Sydney or some other operator. They ran along a planned route stopping by to relax and absorb whatever they could.

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Definitely a healthy route to have a feel of a city. With their legs stretched for muscle relaxing and acting to a command, it did look like a very well-orchestrated show. For those like me who love touching spots which are locally known and getting the pulse of the city, this was an interesting option. That I need to shed several pounds before I can achieve this is another story.


Published On: Monday, August 12th, 2013