Ontario Science Centre

Ontario Science Centre is a great place to learn while having fun!

I have never been more mesmerized by knowing  about astronomy ever. Here, you can enjoy while learn about the Planets and how they are formed, about life  and how it originated. If you want to explore  the space, celestial bodies or galaxies, this place should be in the top spot of your bucket list. Although there are many activities going on around in every nook and corner of the science centre but, there are special shows being held almost everyday at the IMAX Dome theater. As the exhibition varies, so do the shows. Ontario Science Centre is a great place for children and adults to have fun while they learn!

How to Reach Ontario Science Centre

Well, it's not difficult to reach this place as it is well connected through the public transport. One can get down on any of the two subway stations, i.e., Eglinton or Pape Don Mills subway station and can board a bus or street car from there.

Admissions at Ontario Science Centre

I took a Toronto CityPASS for a combo of different places which included the sightseeing and cost around 60.89 CAD plus the taxes!


Published On: Friday, January 17th, 2014