What was the inspiration behind the Coat Hanger - the Sydney Harbor Bridge? What inspired its design?  I saw this bridge up close, absorbed its design and headed back home. With no concrete answers with me, I thought I wouuld go home and Google. On my way back, I saw a few more arches and some more bridges and then I saw a tree. I was in a moving bus, instincts worked and probably I had one of the choices in my camera. Look below and ask yourself, was this a tree like this?

 This is The Coat Hanger - Sydney Harbor Bridge

This is The Coat Hanger - Sydney Harbor Bridge

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Were trees like this the inspiration for Sydney Harbor Bridge

Possible inspiration for the coat hanger

Nature has inspired almost all developments we have around us. Could this be one of them? Don't miss the shadow, that is where the traffic goes.

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Published On: Monday, August 5th, 2013