Here I was, back on a Gray Line bus for the second time in my life. This bus ride of mine had a defined purpose and the purpose was to capture photographs for this post, which I really wanted to do. I had always wished, if only I could board the bus with time on my hands and just my camera and eyes open, I would get to share my perspective of New York. New York from "an informed, international travel blogger's" perspective, if I may say so.

New York - where chaos lives life

New York - where chaos lives life

There is action, drama and an opportunity to chase on every street and avenue. If you are not part of the chaos, you are not a part of the opportunity. It is essential to be one with New York for New York to start working with you. That swan of Swarovski finds itself at home with opportunity seekers and road diggers at the same time. New York is Feet on the Ground & Head Held High, Always!

Printing Crafts Building, New York

I am Old & Old is Gold - New York

You can't miss this artistically done gold relief work on the facade of 5 Penn Plaza. Originally built in 1916 as Printing Crafts Building it was designed by Edward Larkin and his brother John Larkin.  When you are sitting on an open bus, these are the jewels your camera seeks.

Empire State Building - Standing Tall & Continuing the legacy of head held high

The Empire Strikes A Pose

It looks straight at you, and you just can't take your eyes away; within minutes you would be directly beneath it and the spectacle would not be the same. The Empire State Building and its observatory are what the tourist circuit in New York bases itself on.

New York thrives on activity

New York Works - and makes its chaos work for it too.

"Give me my minimum wages and I will stand in the midst of this chaos and hold the board for you". People need to know that $2 can get them a slice of Pizza, don't they? That is how New York works. Don't miss the lady with her stroller and the man with a "French Cut" beard looking straight at me. I believe when I am doing my shoots I become as much an object of curiosity for others as they become for me.

Macy's Buildings, New York

Macy's and New York - The Journey Begins

It won't be improper to say that Macy's has taught modern retailing tricks to hundreds of thousands of marketers. Many of those sweet nothings originated in this historic building. This store has been in this building for over 100 years and in these 100 years no innovation in retailing has passed it by. This store has been the world's largest department store for more than 100 years - a vision, what a vision! Macy's at Herald Square covers an entire city block, amazing! Your stop for heritage and shopping.

You are here - New York

New York - Street Furniture Never Disappoints You.

For some "The Real Magic" is admiring New York's street furniture and eye for detail. Putting a few benches on the side of a river is one thing, putting furniture across a whole street and drawing value from it is a different story altogether. Street furniture in New York is a mix of old and ultra modern and is continuously changing and evolving.

Heratland Brewery, New York

Heartland Brewery, New York - is the brewery right here?

No, they don't brew here, they brew across the river in Brooklyn. Heartland Brewery attracts and caters mostly to the tourist traffic and targets all age groups. This is what is New York - attractive logos mapped with classy names and the magic begins.

Frame. Shoot. Cherish.

Can you see Starbucks?

Suddenly the frame defines its own boundaries and they are almost perfect. I knew I was capturing lot of flavors in this one shot but how many I have succeeded in capturing was a matter of going  back home and counting. This photograph is the one which has been saying a lot about New York to me. What do you think? Was there coffee in her cup? Don't miss the YSL bag or the iPhone coexisting in harmony under shades called life.

One World Trade Center

Time is a big healer. One World Trade Center

Jefferson Market Library Clock has seen a lot of time, and a lot of tough times. It is time for the clock to start appreciating the spirit of humankind once again. With One WTC (World Trade Center) Tower up there the clock would of course be seen by many more and admired too.  You can't miss this view. One WTC has been called by several names including Freedom Tower. Looks like 1 WTC or One WTC is what it will be known as for time to come.

Afternoon Siesta, New York

Let the world move - I am a New Yorker

As my bus was negotiating the turn suddenly I looked down and "Yippee!", here he was, another New Yorker. His jacket coolly hung on the railings and oblivious to the world he takes his afternoon siesta. The world passes by without disturbing his sleep. Who won't love a city which can offer you this luxury, just brilliant!


New York and Drugs are not independent of each other

Do drug lords use this staircase?

Designer drug abuse is booming in the world. New York City is the safest in almost its recorded history. It was not like this always. New York has seen more than its share of organized crime. Drug lords have ruled the alleys, streets, subways and staircases of this city. I didn't see a drug lord walking down from these stairs and I didn't see him walking to that Church but my "imagination" visualized it all.

Flags outside United Nations Building

United Nations - Beyond the debate of "being relevant"

The bus passes by Turtle Bay or UN Headquarters, if you prefer that moniker instead, my head makes an awkward turn and camera gets into action. Fluttering flags, sunlight falling on the glass exterior of the headquarters building, suddenly  there is too much to shoot in 30 seconds or so. The UN headquarters is different things to different people and an idea can be had by just looking outside. It looks like this is the melting pot for all colors and colors walk together. I could see a generous mingling of all races.

 Atlas Clock of Tiffany & Co.

Atlas Clock of Tiffany & Co.

Beautiful, it is strikingly beautiful, known as the Atlas Clock of Tiffany & Co, it is a piece of art bang on the street. It is one of the most striking outdoor sculptures of New York. Made in 1853, this clock has seen lots of time and millions of people have seen in its full glory. The most interesting part of this clock is not what you see, it is what you don't see. This is a sculpture carved in wood made to look like bronze.

Tiffany & Co. Where time is framed

Writing on the wall, writing time on the wall.

My first thought was, someone has drawn these beautiful lines on these walls, just let them be like this, they look so beautiful. I wanted to get down and admire them more but it would be some other time. Yes this is again Tiffany & Co. keeping track of changing times.

Central Park and Around

This is not the Central Park, it is the road in front of it.

They do transport you to an era gone by. That horse carriage, that rickshaw, that lack of rules on the road, that jay walking, those street hawkers - everything works as a one single unit. Don't miss those white headphones over that black dress of the lady and the symphony they make with the white earphones of the guy next to her.

The Carriage & Horses of New York City

His Royal Highness, King of New York?

All the king's horses and all the king's men... These were my first words to myself.  Horse-drawn carriages bring elegance to the streets of New York, seeing them and boarding them is part of most of the tourists New York city itineraries.

The Gray Line travel bus

One amongst the men on the top.

There are various tour agencies offering Hop-on-hop-off tours of New York City. I settled on Gray Line and felt happy about my choice. Do your homework and choose the one which suits you best.


Published On: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013