Dubai Transport System

Dubai transportation is the lifeline of this dynamic city!

Travelling in Dubai is always fun, be it by roadways, inland waterways or Dubai’s Metro Rail Service. Roads in Dubai are well laid-out for safe, secure, and comfortable driving. Like any other major metro city across the world, its transportation system is modern, secure, and easily accessible.

For accessing the public transport system like RTA Public Buses, RTA Dubai Metro Train Stations, and RTA Water Taxis, visitors and tourists can use Nol (Arabic for “fare”) tickets or cards available in different denominations according to the specific needs of the passengers. These cards are easily available at Metro and bus stations, shopping malls, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Tourists have an option to hop-on or hop-off the open-top sight-seeing buses which cover some of the most famous and important landmarks of Dubai. Visitors can check online for more details on bus routes and timings according to their travel needs.

Dubai has a large and modern fleet of buses which runs under the RTA (Road Transport Authority). Not only are the buses are modern and comfortable, even the bus stops are air-conditioned for the comfort of commuters in this desert city.

The Dubai Metro Rail System is a fast, fully automated and driverless mode of public transportation. The Red and Green lines are fully operational, and run on elevated and underground tracks. All trains and stations are fully air-conditioned with platform-edge doors. The Red Line being the longest, has a higher number of stations in comparison to the Green Line. It is interesting to note that the interiors of Dubai’s Metro stations wear a different look based on the four different themes of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The Earth theme has a tan color scheme; Water has blue and white, the Fire theme is in red, orange, and yellow, while Air has a bluish-green scheme. Each train has five cars and can accommodate approximately 650 passengers. Each train is divided into three different classes; Gold (First Class), Women and Children, and Silver class.

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Dubai Creek offers Water Taxis and Abras as a mode of travel along the creek waterways connecting north and south business districts. Water Taxis are air-conditioned ferries which have a capacity to carry 10 people and are a slightly more expensive means of transportation in comparison to the Abras.
Abras are small water boats which can carry approximately 20 passengers at a time and are a cheaper means of transportation. This is in fact one of the best ways to immerse yourself into the rich historical past of this desert city by enjoying a glimpse of some old heritage sites, spice and clothes souks around the creek area. You can also enjoy a Dhow Cruise along the beautiful Dubai Creek. Dubai transportation is the lifeline of this dynamic city!

Published On: Wednesday, January 8th, 2014