Carnaby Street

The iconic arch of London's Carnaby Street

London’s Carnaby Street is one of those rarities around the capital's bustling Oxford Street as it offers a little calm for those seeking to get away from the crowds and a little eccentricity for others seeking something a bit more quirky. If you're looking for a bite to eat in between the shopping, there are loads of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs that will cater to all taste buds.

Carnaby Street is essentially famous for its offbeat boutiques, making it in many ways quintessentially British.

It has an equally interesting history as it came to fame in the 1960s when it become renowned as a hangout for the mods and hippies. It was even seen as a popular place to spot famous faces such as The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Beatles.

However, the 1980s punk movement saw Carnaby Street's appeal dwindle. Things only picked up in the late 90s, when a property company took over the street and injected some much-needed life back into the area.

Published On: Sunday, July 21st, 2013