Great Acrobatics at Ocean Park

You Don't Go to Ocean Park For This - Acrobatics

Ocean Park is a much hyped theme park of Hong Kong; people go there for its scenic beauty and fun rides. We did set out for the same reason, but came back with different memories. Acrobatics are fun, and they are a lot about a person's control over her/his body. Most people agree that the precision required to be an acrobat is at par with that of being a neurology surgeon.  However, in acrobatics, it is your own life which you lose. Acrobatics on a flat surface is where most of the acrobats excel. What we were watching was a public presentation by over two dozen acrobats on hand-held soft platforms.

There was no safety net; if they go wrong they die. Period. RIP. When we reached the park, there was this boy jumping up and down, and it looked impressive. The minute we stationed ourselves, the performance changed gears, and it was serious acrobats on a one-foot-wide flexible soft board. Once the performance ramped up, there was no holding back. An act began every few minutes, and every performance had over a dozen acrobats performing to perfection.

This photograph is part of the series that was shot while watching this performance. This acrobat flew over 15 feet before taking a complete somersault. It was scary, very scary to watch. I am sure the guys holding the board were also helping the acrobat succeed. Go ahead and enjoy, take this as your starting point and you would be pleased with your Ocean Park tour.

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Published On: Friday, May 24th, 2013