Pizzaiolo - Great Pizzas

Pizzas Cooked With Passion

What exactly happens behind these curtains which makes people stand for, sometimes, over an hour? That food and passion go hand in hand is absolutely true for this place. Orders are taken passionately, food is made passionately, food is served passionately to the extent that even tables are cleared passionately.  This is not a fast food place. Do plan for a leisurely unhurried dinner with family and friends, a couple of hours or maybe more. This restaurant makes statements from the word go. How many of these you are able to read is up to you.

The Location:  5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, California 94609, USA.

Phone: 510 652-4888

Parking: There is street parking to get which you will need a lot of prayers, probably from everyone in the car!

Interiors: Semi-formal. This place is happening. Natural chemistry gets going between the guests and the hosts. Of course, it is busy and noisy. For those who love to go out to places which have not only a buzz around them but also a buzz once inside, this is it.  Seating is tight, but the whole experience makes you overlook that part. They have a great open-to-sky sit out and eat area too.

Reservations: You definitely need them. It is important to remember that they are not open on Sundays. This is essentially an evening place.

Hostess: This is where the experience begins. They all are very warm and passionate. This is just not yet another job for them, it looks like they enjoy the experience as well. Our hostess was very spontaneous and definitely very wise.

Cleaning Staff: Funky and part of the package. They are crazy in their own sweet way.

Server: She was very good.  She was totally into her job and loving every bit of it. She made it easy for us to order and what we landed up ordering was exactly what was right for us.

Crockery: They have plenty of plates, they just keep on changing your plates very efficiently as you go through your courses. Crockery is regular.

Water Glasses: I like the bottle they bring water in and leave on your table. Glasses for water were solid, a little larger than whiskey glasses.

Table and seating: Yes, it is tight, very tight. But in the ambiance they have created out here, it still works. If a server hits you, you of course know that this funky guy couldn't have been serious at all!

Drinks: We opted for Elderflower Soda. It was very nice. Those who were enjoying wines were finding it interesting too.

Food: Tomatoes and avocados salad was yummy. Base sauce of the salad was tangy and very tasty. Another selection from their antipasti section was mushrooms in garlic sauce, they were very nice. Now, to the pizzas. I am sure that I will agree with all the reviewers that they turnout best wood-fired pizzas in East Bay. They were just superb. Very thin-crust  and just the right amount of topping. We had two pizzas, "Delicata squash, gorgonzola, red onion" was the first one. It was just melting in the mouth with the right type of cheese to go alongside squash and red onions. The second pizza we had was the tried-and-tested Margherita. It is said, if you really wish to know how good a pizzeria is, go for their Margherita. Their Margherita was incredibly fresh - something which is very tough to achieve.

Prices and Portions: This place is not cheap. Prices and portions pair well. I would have loved portions to be bigger even if prices were slightly higher.

Must go here. This place rocks!

Published On: Monday, May 27th, 2013