Places to stay near Akajima island

Enjoy the Calm and Serene landscape of the Akajima island in Japan

Aka Island (or Akajima Island) is a division of the Kerama Islands group, located in Japan. It is around 24 miles away from Okinawa's capital city - Naha. Akajima Islands are one of the well-known tourist attractions in Japan that draw a large number of tourists every year.

Best places to stay near Akajima Island

If you plan to visit the scenic Akajima Island  in Japan, keep in mind that there are few accommodation options. Here is a quick list of places to stay near Akajima Island in Japan :

Resort Akajima Seadorun

Seadorun is the only hotel in the Aka. It is situated at a 10-minute drive across the bridge from Kerama Airport and the port. The Resort Akajima Seadorun has 10 western-themed and 6 Japanese-themed rooms. The resort offers rooms for friends (with two individual beds), rooms for family, and for groups. Among its other facilities, two of the remarkable ones include a public bath for a relaxing bath and a washing place to wash off the sand.

Kerama Beach Hotel Okinawa Island

Located in Zamami, the Kerama Beach Hotel Okinawa Island offers a complete retreat from your hectic life. The hotel has well-equipped rooms and serves lip-smacking food to make you feel at home. The hotel also offers whale watching facilities and scuba diving for adventure lovers.

Shirahama Islands Resort

The Shirahama resort in Zamami also offers both western and Japanese-style rooms for accommodation. For dining, the resort has a number of options including South Island restaurant, Amigo Terrace restaurant, Bar-be-que, and an underwater restaurant. The resort provides sightseeing and diving facilities.

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Published On: Friday, December 27th, 2013