Up for a drive on the beach?

Up for a drive on the beach?

The deep blue of the sea before your eyes and bristling clear sand below your feet. What could be more fascinating to a beach lover? An opportunity to let the tires of your car make love to the sands beneath while you control the gears and reign as the supreme monarch of this dream moment.

Well, here we have compiled a list of 7 most awesome motorable beaches in America where you can indulge the car-lover in you.

1. Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts

Enjoy a drive at the Cape Cod National Seashore!

Enjoy great sights while driving on the Cape Cod National Seashore!

If you want to enjoy a drive along the beach and yet are driven by guilt by thoughts of the damage you will cause to the ecosystem, Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts might just be the panacea for you. Cape Cod National has been designated as a climate friendly park. So not only do you get to drive on miles of sweeping sandy white beaches and get to view breathtaking sand dunes but families of happy seals who have made their home there will also surprise you.

Rating 5/5
Facilities Camping, hunting, rental vehicles, beach driving
Opens All year
Pets In designated areas
Driving permit required Yes
Accessibility By ferry, airplane and car
Traffic High during weekends
Kind of vehicles permitted Self contained Vehicles and ORVs


2. Carova Beach on the Outer Banks, North Carolina

Race with the mustangs at the Carova Beach

Race with the mustangs at the Carova Beach

Now if you really want to test your mettle as a driver settle for Carova Beach. There are no paved roads here, so bring along your 4X4. The Carova beach is ideal if you are one of those travelers who hate accessorizing what nature has to offer and have fallen out of love with beaches because they have started to look like your neighborhood recreation hall. This place is the stuff dreams are made off - a villa on a beach, wild mustangs that leisurely graze, dolphins in the sea and the light blue green water that forms a tall foamy surf as it crashes against the clean sand. However, double check to make sure that your car is ready for that long sandy drive.

Rating 4.5/5
Facilities Beach driving, shelling
Camping No
Public Toilets No
Pets On leash
Vehicle Parking In designated areas only
Bonfire Yes


3. Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

When your heart yearns for the blues of the Caribbean, while you are domed to the city limits for daily bread and butter, worry not. The Island Beach State Park in New Jersey offers you a cheap and fun filled day away from the hustle and bustle of NYC. And yes, you can drive your car up here to do some surf fishing. So not only can you sunbathe, swim, and surf in this gem of a place, but you can also take home to dinner a nice striped bass. And if you tell your friends that you have returned home from a day at the Carribean, trust me, it won't be too much lying!

Spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of city.

Spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of city

Rating 4.7/5
Facilities Beach driving, swimming, surfing, surf fishing
Public showers and toilets Yes
Pets Yes
Sealife viewing Yes
Parking Yes, but gets full soon
Traffic High

4. Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is where it all started. Home to the NASCAR headquarters, the 23 miles of hard packed sand of Daytona remains, till date, the mecca for automobile enthusiasts, especially for its iconic status. Come forth and touch the hallowed grounds where the emperors of racetrack driving made history. And if that is not enough, rub shoulders with your racing superheroes in a ride along session at NASCAR headquarters, albeit for a hefty fee.

Rub shoulders with your racing superheroes at the Daytona Beach

Rub shoulders with your racing superheroes at the Daytona Beach

Rating 3.8/5
Facilities Fishing, boating, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking
Sealife found Sea turtles
Pets Yes
Camping In campgrounds near the beach


5. South Beach, Texas

Take a drive on the America's longest stretch of motorable beach

Take a drive on the America's longest stretch of motorable beach

Texas has America's longest stretch of motorable beach. If you are in the mood for miles of sandy travail, so silent that loneliness sings a tune, then hit the 60 mile long beach road that stretches from the center of North Padre Island to the Padre Island National Seashore. You will be greeted a by a huge expanse of surf and sand before your eyes. A few coyotes and jack rabbits will dart about the road, and great flocks of birds will fly overhead as you continue on your journey to nowhere. Who knows what treasures you may find. But yes, if you have called yourself a nature lover all your life, it is time to take this road and put your claim to test.

Rating 3.8/5
Travel Tips Keep your GPS handy and travel with a companion if possible.
Pets Yes
Wildlife Coyotes, pelican, sea turtle, kangaroo

6. Long Beach Peninsula, Washington

Take a long drive along the Long Beach Peninsula

Take a long drive along the Long Beach Peninsula

No, it is not the longest beach, neither in the whole world nor in America. But it is a pretty long beach where you can drive for quite a distance. However, if you are in Washington on the 4th of July, Long Beach Peninsula is the place to be. Enjoy a fun along the beach during the daytime. At nightfall, park your car and take your place in the beach for a spectacular view of pyrotechnic explosions. Thousands of people gather here to celebrate 4th of July and light up tens of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks. Imagine all that fire lighting up the sky and reflected in the ocean below. A sight not to be missed!

Rating 4.5/5
Activities Surfing, beach driving, kite making, kite flying
Swimming No
Beachfire Yes
Rock Climbing No

7. Oceano Dunes State Park (Pismo Beach), California

Ride along the sand dunes at the Pismo Beach

Ride along the sand dunes at the Pismo Beach

Oceano Dunes State Park is the only coastal area where you can drive in California. The five and a half mile long beach is good for driving a four wheeler. But what makes this spot a regular tourist attraction are the sand dunes that are make for great recreational activities not only for car drivers but for motor cyclists as well. So, if you are in California and in the mood for some rip roaring fun, rev up your engines and roar through these dunes.

Rating 4.5/5
Camping Yes
Wildlife Snowy plover, Caliornia least tern
Toilets Vault toilets and chemical toilets provided but water must be carried
Opens All year

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Published On: Wednesday, August 6th, 2014