Menjangan Islands in West Bali National Park

The Crystal Clear Waters of Menjangan Islands of West Bali National Park are famous for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The West Bali National Park, also known as Bali Barat National Park, is one of the celebrated tourist destinations in Bali. Menjangan Island, a part of the national park, is an ideal place to see coral reefs. It is famous for snorkeling and diving into the marine wonderland. Imagine swimming along colorful fishes and rays in the backdrop of colorful corals! Looking at the majestic kingdom of corals, all I can say is:

Dancing pinks, yellows, greens, and blues,

and a number of other hues.

The painter is one, but the creations profuse.

In front of the grandeur of God, humans are obtuse.

Dive in Menjangan not just for amuse,

but for enlightenment that is difficult to educe. - © Aditi

Several companies provide scuba diving and snorkeling facilities. All you need to do is to visit the West Bali National Park. Located in the north western side of Bali, Indonesia, the park can be reached conveniently. A Gilimanuk seaport is situated towards the west side of the park. The national park can be reached by roads from Gilimanuk and Singaraja, or by using ferries from Ketapang, East Java.

The park was established in 1995. It covers a total area of 190 square kilometers. The Ministry of Forestry manages the park. The volcanic mountains dating back to the Pleistocene era occupy the centre of the park.

The park is a fine example of biodiversity as it has several habitats, including mixed-monsoon forests, montane forests, a savanna, mangroves, and coral island. This park shelters many endangered species, and is rich in flora and fauna. Animals that reside in the park include Banteng, Indian Muntjac deer, Leopard Cat, Wild Boar, and Java Rusa.

The park is home to around 160 species of beautiful birds. It is a heaven for those who  love Bird Watching. Some of the birds that can be spotted in the park are: Yellow-vented Bulbul, Black-naped Oriole, Pied Fantail, Edible-nest Swift let, Bali Starling, Pacific Swallow, Crested Tree swift, White-breasted Wood-Swallow, White-bellied Swift let, Barn Swallow, etc.

Plan out for trekking and camping in the park to see the animals and birds performing their daily activities. August to December is the best time to visit the park. This is the period when the dry season ends, and the wet season merely begins.

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Published On: Monday, January 27th, 2014