Most time taking non-stop air routes

Ever since the Wright Brothers invented the first aircraft, life for the travelers seems to have become easier. Journeys which would earlier take days or even months to complete can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. Still in this jet age, air travel at times can be monotonously long as there are some flights that take nearly half a day to reach their destination. But a non-stop flight, no matter how tiring it may be, does make sense when you are in a rush. Moreover, these flights offer a lot of comfort and amenities to make your long trip a memorable one.

So, join us on this high-flying journey as we take you through some of the longest non-stop air routes in the world. Welcome aboard!

Spanning around 17 hours

Definitely, it would take a great deal of stamina and persistence to travel on these flights.
The route between Sydney and Dallas served by Qantas is currently the longest. Spanning around 17 hours, the route traverses a distance of more than 8,578 miles. But, the tag of longest non-stop route will soon be overtaken by the Dubai to Panama City. Operated by the Emirates, this route will take around 17 hours and 35 minutes to complete when it becomes operational in February 2016 and will cover a distance of 8,580 miles.

Route: Dubai and Panama City
Flight: Emirates – 777-200LR aircraft, which will carry around 256 passengers. To make your journey exciting, the plane would have access to an onboard bar and lounge for those sitting in first class
Estimated time: 17 hours 35 minutes
Will start its operation from February 1, 2016

Route: Sydney-Dallas
Flight: Qantas – Qantas is employing its huge A380 on the route, which comes with a First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabin offering 484 seats
Estimated time: Almost 17 hours

Route: Atlanta-to-Johannesburg
Flight: Delta – You can almost watch seven James Bond movies on this flight. This flight traverses a distance of about 9,667 miles in a whooping 16 hours and 55 minutes. But it would be a great experience as the airlines is known for its unmatchable service and good quality food. And once you reach Johannesburg you can unwind after around 17 hours of staying in the air by unwinding at some iconic South African national park.
Estimated Time: 16 hrs 55 minutes

Spanning 16 hours and more

Sitting in an aircraft for nearly 16 and half hours is a tiring experience. Now, that’s literally two working day! But it does make sense when the airlines are offering awesome service and quality food to make your journey a memorable one.

Route: Dallas to Hong Kong
Flight: American Airlines – American Airlines have ensured that they offer their passengers convenient seats that have ample storage and good connectivity to help charge all their devices.
Estimated Time: 16 and a half hours

Houston to Doha
Qatar Airways – It offers flat-bed first class suites and high quality Oryx Entertainment systems. Nevertheless, do carry two or three books or some games with you as this is one long flight
Estimated Time: 16.5 hours

Route: New York-Hong Kong
Flight: Cathay Pacific – Cathay Pacific has won the “World’s Best Airlines” tag so you need not worry about the amenities being offered. The flight offers coach, premium economy, business and first class.

Estimated Time: 16 hours
Route: New York to Johannesburg
Flight: South African – This is another popular flight for those planning to explore the Rainbow Nation. The route traverses a distance of more than 8,000 kilometers.
Estimated Time: 16 hours

Route: New York to Guangzhou
Flight: China Southern – It is a perfect option for those planning to take a trip to the Chinese city. To top it, ticket prices are also quite affordable.
Estimated Time: 16 hours

Los Angeles to Melbourne
United – The route covers a whopping distance of 7,921 air miles.
Estimated Time: 16 hours

15 hours and more

Route: Mumbai to New York
Flight: Air India – It covers a distance of around 7,800 miles and offer amenities which include the sub-continent’s delicacies of mouth-watering curries.
Estimated Time: Approximately 16 hours

Route: Chicago to Hong Kong
Flight: Cathay Pacific – The flight covers a distance of 7793 miles. It runs from Chicago’s O’Hare International to Hong Kong
Estimated time: 15.5 hours

Route: New York to Taipei
Flight: EVA – Introduced in 2011, the flight covers a distance of around 7808 miles
Estimated Time: Approximately 15.5 hours

Route: Toronto to Hong Kong
Flight: Air Canada – Boeing 777: It covers a distance of around 7810 miles but traveling on it is a memorable affair. Some mind boggling amenities include Ken Chase-approved wine list and Executive Pod business class cabins.
Estimated Time: 15.5 hours