A Natural Landscape from Bermuda

Bermuda is actually an archipelago of 138 islands. It is located towards the eastern coastal region of America. Bermuda, which recorded the highest GDP per capita in the year 2005, is the oldest existing colony of Britain.

The languages spoken in Bermuda: English is the official language of Bermuda and Portuguese is also spoken in Bermuda. Bermuda is divided into nine parishes namely Smith’s Parish, Devonshire Parish, Pembroke Parish, Southampton Parish, Sandy’s Parish, St. George’s Parish, Hamilton Parish, Paget Parish, and Warwick Parish.

Bermuda has no source of water other than the abundant rainwater that the people of Bermuda collect on the rooftops of every building. Collection of rainwater is a part of the law in Bermuda. Rivers and freshwater lakes are absent in Bermuda. Do not visit Bermuda during the months from June to November, the period of hurricanes in Bermuda.

If you reach Bermuda by flight, you will be landing at the Bermuda International Airport. It will be easier and convenient to reach Bermuda from the US by flight. Intra-country traveling would be highly facilitated by the great bus service in Bermuda.

Following are places of tourist interest in Bermuda:

  • Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo
  • Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
  • Bermuda National Trust and Bermuda Historical Society
  • St. Peter’s Church
  • Maritime Museum
  • St. George’s World Heritage Site
  • Botanical Gardens

Bermuda Travel Map


Getting In

This small overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean offers much variety in transport but in limited numbers. As the country is surrounded by water on all sides, traveling by land routes is next to impossible. Best described as a cluster of islands, Bermuda can be accessed by boat and yacht. This country receives a good number of tourists through waterways. Cruises from the ports of Boston, New York, Philadelphia of USA sail in during the summer months. The cruise ships halt in the three important locations of Hamilton, Saint George, and the Dockyard. If you are in search of true adventure, then you are welcome to take the off-shore yacht crew during the summer months. It takes barely 20 days to reach your favored destination.

The Bermuda International Airport receives a good number of flights daily. It is easy to access Bermuda from the different states of the USA like Atlanta, Washington, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, etc. Daily flights from Toronto, Canada, are also available for Bermuda. While British Airways flies frequently to Bermuda, other parts of Europe like Italy and Germany have access to Bermuda by Eurofly Airlines which operates weekly.
Traveling to Bermuda directly is difficult for those who are from South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. For them, the only option left is to reach at any of the places in the USA and Canada and then they can board the flight to Bermuda. They can also move to Milan or Munich from where Eurofly will take them to the country. Other than the parking fee, which is quite high in Bermuda, the other facilities are quite affordable and feasible.


Bermuda has an extensive network of almost all modes of transport within the country. This country with not a large area has surprisingly well-developed connectivity in terms of roadways, ports, etc. Bermuda does not boast of having a railway network in the country. So, the tourists should not look forward to travel in train. Bermuda has three ports, from where passenger ships carry the visitors to the different destinations with in the country. The other options are renting your own yacht and making a short romantic trip by horse carriages.

There are around 150 miles of private paved roads and 130 miles of public roads connecting various parts of the country. The convenient way to travel throughout the country is by availing the bus facilities. The bus service is frequent with 11 bus routes and 14 bus zones. Buses generally leave from the Central Terminal on Washington Street. The tourists are advised to carry with them the exact fare while boarding a bus. Apart from the bus service, the taxis are also quite popular. These can be availed from outside of any hotel. These taxis have government set meters which lessen the chance of being cheated.

Tourists can also take scooters on rent, provided he or she is at least 16 years. It is mandatory to wear helmets while driving. Bicycles are also a good mode of transport if you are planning to travel a short distance. The visitors never know what excitement and fun they have in store for them when they travel by the Ferries. The Ferries, connects the parishes of Sandys, Paget, Warwick, Southampton, St George, etc. Traveling to Bermuda will remain incomplete unless you take a trip by these ferries which start from the ferry terminal on Font Street in Hamilton. As cash is not accepted in the Ferries, the visitors must make sure to acquire a transportation pass or token. Hire a horse carriage for a leisurely trip of the surrounding areas. These carriages charge around BM$30 for 30 minutes. These carriages are mostly found during the months of
March to October.


Owing to its endless beaches and excellent gifts of Nature, this place has undoubtedly got idyllic charm. The tourists who are willing to escape the boredom of this mundane life should know that some unimaginable ecstasy is awaiting them here. Starting from the natural sights and numerous outdoor activities, there is always some surprise to enliven your spirit. Entertainment and leisure in Bermuda contains some most popular tourist destinations including some fascinating coral reefs, crystal caves, light houses, historical sites, etc.

Bermuda has some unforgettable World Heritage Sites in St George. The Royal Navy Dockyard and Museum attracts a large crowd throughout the year. When planning to visit Bermuda, make sure that you try your skills in scuba diving. There are many beautiful coral reefs and wrecks for your eyes to explore. Bermuda is a home to many attractive underwater saltwater pools and stalactites. Leaving beside the common places of attractions, the diverse flora and fauna promises you a bag full of entertainment. The tourists can choose to spend many leisurely hours in the beach.

The beauty of nature is perfectly combined with some lively and entertaining music and dance events of this country. The famous Gombey Dancers can simply take your breath away by their brilliant performance. The Reggae music, which is popular among the natives, will compel you to be on your feet all the time. Taking a look at the pink sand beaches, listening to some melodious music, taking a leisurely trip by horse carriages, admiring some wonderful pieces of art are the nonpareil way of spending your vacation.

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