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Maps of World CD Ver 2.0
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Site Price : US $50
Offer Price : US $40

How to order
The CD available at a special discounted rate of US$ 40 all-inclusive can be ordered online from our secured site in a convenient four-step procedure.

  • Please click on ‘Order Now' button, which will take you to your shopping cart. Here, you can either increase or decrease the quantity of the CD by clicking on ‘Quantity' button. Once, you have decided the quantity of the CDs, which you intend to purchase, please click on ‘Proceed' button.
  • In the second step you will be requested to fill in the order form by filling the billing and shopping details
  • The third step will ask you to confirm/edit your order details. You will also be provided with your unique order ID here.
  • In the fourth and final stage you will be asked to choose your online payment option. You can pay either through Master/Visa Credit Card or Paypal.

The transactions via both the modes are completely secure. You can also view the Security Certificate for the same. If you are paying through Master/Visa credit card you will be directed to VeriSign authorized ICICI Bank Secure Gateway. And if you wish to pay through PayPal you can pay either through credit cards, bank transfer or a Paypal account.

Once your online transaction is successful you will be issued a digital receipt and an email will also be sent to you confirming the payment.

The Maps of World CD will be shipped to you within 24 hours of confirmed order in any part of the world. The deliveries are shipped by FedEx courier service. If the courier service is not available for a particular place/country, the CD will be sent through Speed Post service of the Indian Postal Department.

For further queries, please contact

Subhash Kumar : +91-9312276879
Radhika T. Mohan : +91-9833515147