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Newsletter June'2009
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Enhanced Section
Enhanced Section
We just turned our cities upside down
We have refurbished our world cities section. This renovated user friendly section, now comes with a booking engine, enabling users in their hotels and flights booking.
Latest Addition
Latest Addition
Satellite Imagery Maps out latest addition
Bored of looking at the same old maps and want a new perspective to the entire map viewing experience. Enjoy our Satellite maps - A fusion of Cartography, Graphic Design and Art. These maps consist of images of earth and its various parts as seen from a satellite.

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New Maps
H1N1 Flu - Mapping the Spread
An animated map shows the outbreak of the flu across the globe.
World population density
A thematic map, providing an overview about the population density, in various parts of the world.
California Mexico Connectivity Map
A unique map, indicating road and railway network connecting California and Mexico.
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