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Greece - A Tourist Haven
From Ancient History to a Tourist Paradise
Caught between ancient philosophies, a pantheon of gods and goddesses, stories of many marvelous city-states (polis), old world democracy, and brave kings, Greece made the transition to a modern tourist destination look quite easy. One look at the beautiful, luxuriant islands and the buttery beaches and the reasons become quite evident. Even as the country struggles with its economic woes, tourism to Greece remains quite unabated.
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Map of Athens
Most Visited Cities of Greece
Greece has been a favorite tourist destination for tourists from across the globe. The excellent Mediterranean weather, the colorful history and the many luxury resorts on breathtakingly beautiful islands have made the nation a tourist haven.
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One of the oldest cities of the world, Athens is the capital of Greece and is known for its cropolis.


Thessaloniki is the capital of the region of Central Macedonia has a number of Byzantine buildings and is known for the White Tower.


Patras is the capital of West Greece, was designated European Capital of Culture 2006, and is known for its annual carnival.


The capital of the Magnesia, Volos, is a beautiful port city with an ancient history.


Ioannina also called Jannena, is the largest city in Epirus, and is believed to have been founded in the 6th century by Emperor Justinian.


Kavala in Eastern Greece is an ancient city and is a two hour drive from Thessaloniki.

When To Visit Greece
Best Time to Visit:
May, June, September, October
Best Weather:
June, July, August, September, Mid October
Affordable Rates
Late October to late April
Most Crowded:
July and August
Greece Travel Tips
Overnight ferries are the best way to get from one island to the other or to get back to mainland Greece.
Getting a Greek-English dictionary or at least a translator app on your smartphone is a wise move.
Booking your airline, train, and ferry tickets at least two months in advance could save you a great deal of money.
If you are traveling to Greece in January do not miss the Patras Carnival - one of the biggest street carnivals in Europe.
Greek wines are not very expensive but also unique and great buys. Try some of the indigenous wines in Greece.
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Greece is the third leading olive-producing nation of the world. According to Greek mythology, olives are Athena's gift.
Greece has 15 international airports and 25 state domestic airports which handle the high volume of tourists each year.
Over 99% of the Greek population practices Orthodoxy, the constitutionally recognized state religion of Greece.
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