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Uzbekistan Attractions

Uzbekistan attractions mainly comprise museums, monuments, mosques, fortresses and many more places worth visting. This land carries a rich history of liberal culture and traditions.
It's the oldest piece of land in Central Asia dating back to a twenty-five centuries long history. Uzbekistan is an oasis of peace.

In the recent years, tourism interests in Uzbekistan have been increased to a high level. The travel facilities and tour services to make an easy access to the attractions in Uzbekistan have been improvised. Wide spans of arid land in Uzbekistan have abundant tourist attractions and wonderful creations. The cities of Uzbekistan are beautifully planned. There are hundreds of architectural monuments constructed in different eras in these cities.

Attractions of Uzbekistan are amply found in Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, Termez and Kokand. Earlier these cities were the centers of science and the art, and the great architects created palaces, mausoleums, mosques that gained a global recognition very soon. Great emperors like Alexander the Great and Chinghiz Khan have left behind their creations in the land of Uzbekistan.

Restoring the attractions of Uzbekistan are like holding back the pages of history. Most of the creations have surrendered to the natural decay of time but still reflects a unique beauty. The Great Silk Road is another most significant achievement in history of Uzbekistan. Places to visit in Uzbekistan are in abundance and traveling in this country have become extremely enjoyable because of the exhilarating skiing experience in the mountains. Many new hotels, guest houses, restaurants and cafes have gained international recognition. Transportation like cars or travel buses are always available to make the Uzbekistan Attractions easily accessible.

Famous Tourist Places of Uzbekistan
  • Old Tashkent Town
  • Kaffali-Shash Mausoleum
  • Kukeldash Madrasa
  • State art Museum
  • Registan Square
  • Shir Dor and Tilya Kari
  • Bibi Khanyum Mosque
  • Shah-e-Zinda
  • Afrasiab Museum
  • Kalyan Mosque and Kalyan Minaret
  • Ulug Beg Madrasa
  • City of Urgench
  • Nukus Art Gallery