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Delaware Map with Cities

by Vishal Kumar

Delaware is the second smallest state of the United States by area and is ranked 45th by population. Wilmington is the largest city of the state by population. According to a 2016 estimate, Wilmington comprised a population of 71,442 inhabitants. The city, which was founded in 1638 and incorporated in 1731, covers a total area of 16.94 square miles. Dover, which is the capital of Delaware, is the second largest city by population and as of 2016 had a population of 37,786 people. Newark, which is home to the University of Delaware, is the third largest city and had a population of 33,398 inhabitants, as of 2016. Some of the other major cities are Middletown, Smyrna, Milford, Georgetown, New Castle etc. Meanwhile, Hartly, which is a town in Kent County, is the least populous comprising a population of just 71 people, according to a 2016 estimate.

The state is divided into three counties. The state capital Dover is the second largest city. It houses Delaware State Library, Delaware State Museum, and Delaware State Archives. Wilmington, built on the site of Fort Christina, is the largest city in Delaware.

It was the first Swedish settlement in North America.

Newark, in northern Delaware, is the home of the University of Delaware. Middletown, Smyrna, Milford, Seaford, and Georgetown are otehr major cities in the state.

Getting In and Around

The Wilmington Airport (ILG) is the busiest airport in Delaware.

Amtrak stattions in Newark and Wilmington are served by trains along the Northeast Corridor.

Interstate highway I-95 and six U.S. highways form a dense road network.

List of Cities in Delaware

City Name County Population
Wilmington New Castle 71305
Dover Kent 36560
Newark New Castle 31618
Middletown New Castle 18995
Smyrna Kent/New Castle 10180
Milford Kent/Sussex 9709
Seaford Sussex 7036
Georgetown Sussex 6524
Elsmere New Castle 6172
New Castle New Castle 5320
Millsboro Sussex 3942
Laurel Sussex 3769
Harrington Kent 3619
Camden Kent 3519
Clayton Kent/New Castle 2966
Lewes Sussex 2789
Milton Sussex 2621
Selbyville Sussex 2192
Bridgeville Sussex 2081
Townsend New Castle 2064
Ocean View Sussex 1912
Delaware City New Castle 1706
Delmar Sussex 1630
Cheswold Kent 1401
Rehoboth Beach Sussex 1349
Wyoming Kent 1334
Felton Kent 1320
Blades Sussex 1261
Bellefonte New Castle 1200
Bethany Beach Sussex 1077
Newport New Castle 1062
Greenwood Sussex 990
Frankford Sussex 862
Dagsboro Sussex 813
Frederica Kent 785
Millville Sussex 553
South Bethany Sussex 456
Arden New Castle 442
Ellendale Sussex 386
Fenwick Island Sussex 384
Houston Kent 379
Odessa New Castle 367
Dewey Beach Sussex 347
Bowers Kent 341
Ardentown New Castle 266
Kenton Kent 264
Ardencroft New Castle 232
Magnolia Kent 228
Little Creek Kent 227
Slaughter Beach Sussex 210
Leipsic Kent 185
Woodside Kent 184
Bethel Sussex 174
Viola Kent 160
Henlopen Acres Sussex 124
Farmington Kent 113
Hartly Kent 76

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