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Seychelles Map

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Seychelles was visited by explorers as early as AD 200, who arrived from Borneo, and later by Arab merchants who traded in the region around AD 850. However, the island remained uninhabited for many centuries. English tradesmen stopped on the island in 1609, finding it populated only by animals. Later, when nearby Madagascar and Mauritius were settled, there was an increase in activity throughout the region. The French made their way from their colony on Mauritius during the Seven Years' War, claiming the island for France in 1756. Though the island was primarily used for its natural resources, it was along the trade route to India, and used to cultivate spices.
After the French Revolution, the settlement on Seychelles began to separate themselves from Mauritius, under the leadership of Jean-Baptiste Queau de Quincy in 1794. The British fought for control of the island, but Quincy remained in power until 1810. Along with Mauritius, Seychelles was made a crown colony under British control. The British conflicted with the colony on the issue of slavery, which the colonists relied upon for their labor, but the British leadership had abolished. Seychelles became a separate crown colony from Mauritius in 1903. World War I was difficult for Seychelles, which had trouble importing necessary goods, and the colonists began to seek separation from Britain. Seychelles gained independence in 1976, becoming a republic within the Commonwealth.

Neighboring Countries : 
Madagascar, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Comoros, Reunion, and Rodrigues are some of the nearest islands to Seychelles.

Major Cities : 
  • Victoria (capital)
Geography : 
Seychelles is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of Africa. The archipelago of Seychelles is made up of about 115 islands in total. There are 42 main islands, the largest of which are Mahe, Praslin, Silhouette Island, La Digue, Curieuse, Felicite, and Fregate. These islands are called granitic, meaning they are made of granite rock, and are the only one's of this kind found on Earth. There are also many coral islands within Seychelles, grouped into the Amirantes, Farguhar, and Aldabra island groups. The coral islands are mostly flat, without fresh water, and as such are not inhabited by many people.

The highest point in the archipelago is Morne Seychellois, which stands 905 meters (2,969 feet) above sea level, and is located on Mahe. The main rivers on the island are fairly short, and include Point Conan, Rochon, Cascade, Bougainville, and Barbarons Rivers.

Points of Interest : 
The beaches of Seychelles are some of its greatest attractions, with sandy shores, warm waters, and beautiful scenery. With the remote destination of Seychelles, the beaches remain in their natural state and are often uncrowded. There are many water sports available on the islands, including sailing, scuba diving, and fishing. There are places to take a glass-bottomed boat tour, and view the sea life in a unique way.

Praslin National Park's Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a palm forest, including the endemic Coco de Mer, with the largest seeds in the world. The park is also home to a variety of native species, including the black parrot, tiger chameleon, and varieties of geckos. More wildlife can be viewed at Aldabra Atoll, which is home to giant land tortoises, tiger sharks, and manta rays. This coral atoll is the world's largest.

The capital, Victoria, features the Natural History Museum, and architecture including a clock tower, markets, and an inner harbor. Mahe also has resorts, casinos, and nightlife.

Transportation : 
The international airport in Seychelles is near the capital, Victory, and is called Seychelles International. The airport offers service to South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Emirates, Qatar, and nearby Mauritius, among a few other destinations. The only other option for transportation into Seychelles is boat, but this is a very limited option.

Between the islands, there are flights between Mahe and Praslin, or Mahe and several smaller islands, like Bird and Fregate. Helicopters and boats can be chartered for these short trips as well. Ferries run fairly frequently between Mahe and Praslin, which is a less expensive option than flights.

Roads on Mahe and Praslin are narrow and winding, but cars are an essential method of travel on the island, allowing visitors to see the whole island. There are also taxis, but this can be a more expensive option than renting a car. Buses are another option, with frequent service around the island. Bicycles can be a good way to explore the islands.

Some Facts to Know about Seychelles

Which are the neighboring countries of Seychelles ?
The neighboring countries of Seychelles are all island countries which include Mayotte, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, and Réunion to the south, and Zanzibar to the west.

When was Seychelles first inhabited ?
This amazing island-country was first inhabited when its first settlers reached here in the latter part of the 18th century.

How is the President of Seychelles elected and who is the current President of Seychelles ?
The President of Seychelles is the head of the state as well as the head of the government. He is elected for a 5-year term of office by popular vote. The current President of Seychelles is James Michel.

How is the President of Seychelles elected and who is the current President of Seychelles ?
The President of Seychelles is the head of the state as well as the head of the government. He is elected for a 5-year term of office by popular vote. The current President of Seychelles is James Michel.

What are the districts of Seychelles ?
The island-country Seychelles is divided into Inner Islands and the Outer Islands. Further it is segregated in 25 districts. However, all these 25 districts are situated on the Inner Islands and the Outer Islands are not actually a part of any of these districts. Great Victoria is made up by eight of these districts, around 14 of these are situated on the rural part of Mahé which is considered as the main island, two of these districts are on Praslin, and one is on La Digue.

How is the music culture of Seychelles ?
Seychelles’ music has evolved from the cross-section of the country’s history. The music is a blend of slave music of Africa with European enslavers’ dance styles mixed with blues, pop, and various country influences. The music is a very optimistic, hopeful, and festive kind of music. A few forms of music are Sega, Moutya, Maloya, and Seggae Music.

What is the status of women in Seychelles ?
The women in Seychelles have the same political, legal, social, and economic rights as the men. In fact the society of Seychellois is essentially matriarchal.

How is the cuisine of Seychelles ?
Fish plays a dominant role in the country's cuisine because of the location. Seychelles’ cuisine has been impacted by British, African, French, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. Spices like lemongrass, ginger, tamarind, and coriander are significantly used in the cuisine. The staple food of the country includes fish, shellfish, and seafood dishes accompanied with rice. Dishes are many a times garnished by fresh flowers. A dried shark chutney called Satini rekin is considered as a delicacy here. Also, the processing plant of the Indian Ocean Tuna company located in Victoria is considered as one of the biggest tuna canneries of the world.


Last Updated on: February 25th, 2020

The Seychelles Flag was officially acquired on 18 th June in the year of 1996. The proportion of Seychelles National Flag is described as 1:2.
Facts about Seychelles
Official Name Republic of Seychelles
Lat Long4°37'S55°27'E
Area451 km sq
Largest CityVictoria
Official LanguagesFrench, English, Seychellois Creole
Major ReligionReligion in Seychelles. The 2002 government census estimated that 82 percent of the population of Seychelles are Roman Catholic and 6 percent is Anglican.
National Day29 June (1976)
Form of GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
PresidentDanny Faure
Vice PresidentVincent Mériton
Prime MinisterNA
CurrencySeychellois rupee (SCR)
GDP$2.317 billion 2012 estimate
Calling Code248
Time ZoneSCT (UTC+4)