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In a tech-savvy world that runs fast on time who wants to spend long hours on reading complex texts! No matter how good the content is, people often end up losing interest half-way down the lane. This is exactly what gives rise to the growing need of infographics. Given that visuals impress the mind more than the mundane, vanilla text, we at, have converted the long pages of abstruse information into visually appealing graphics, which are precise and easy-to-comprehend. Through our infographics, we have tried to cover a diverse arena of subjects relating to travel, food, history, politics, education and various other domains. Follow this section to gain easy access to visual information without having to go through the long pages of text!
Infographics on Ten Most Haunted Places in the World

Ten Most Haunted Places in the World

Life after death, ghosts, and spirits are the subject of much debate and furor the world over. But what remains undeniable is the presence of houses that are supposedly haunted all over the globe. Here are 10 of the most haunted places of the world......
Infographics on Rio 2016 Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics Infographic

The 2016 Rio Olympics will take place from August 5 -21 in Rio de Janeiro. The events will be held across 33 venues in four districts of Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana, Barra de Tijuca, Deodoro, and Maracanã. At least 10,500 athletes from 206 different countries will take part in the Summer Olympics 2016.
Top Urban Legends Around the World

Top Urban Legends Around the World

Urban legends are stories, often horrifying or scary tales that are told and retold, often with some variations. They are often purported to be real incidents, having happened to friends of friends or to distant acquaintances. In the days of the Internet these urban legends are written about in many boards and circulated as e-mails, often with superstitious warnings. Here are 10 very popular urban legends from different parts of the world......
Infographics on Top 10 Extinct Animals

Top 10 Extinct Animals

The planet earth is a big and beautiful place. More importantly, it is home to innumerable species of plants animals, reptiles, birds, insects, and life forms. Most of these species of animals evolve to adapt to their environments, some fail and disappear from the face of the earth. Yet others are hunted and killed indiscriminately by humans or lose their habitats to human recklessness. Here are the top 10 extinct animals known to mankind......
Infographics on Top bizarre records around the world

Top bizarre records around the world

It is human nature to want to excel – to make a name for oneself, distinguish oneself and set a record. Just when we thought we’ve heard them all – the tallest, the smallest, the fastest, the slowest, the strongest, and the weakest, here comes this new crop of records that are nothing short of bizarre. Here are 10 of the weirdest records as noted in the Guinness World Records......
Major storm and hurricanes

Major storm and hurricanes

Each year, ahead of the hurricane/storm season, countries across the world gear up to combat the fury and destruction that these cyclones could unleash and to safeguard life and property. In 2015, the Atlantic hurricanes were rather tame due to a strong El Nino phenomenon, meteorologists say. Further east, however, the cyclonic storms in the Indian Ocean along with the monsoon have wrecked many Asian nations. Here are some of the major cyclones and storms of 2015......
Infographics on Ten Famous Ships That Sank With The People

Ten Famous Ships That Sank With The People

It is man’s desire to travel and explore the wide world that led him to build ships. Large, opulent cruise ships, the ubiquitous ferry, mail ships, and even military ships exude a dignity and grace as they set sail across the seas and oceans. Sometimes, however, these majestic vessels become fraught by the worst accidents one can imagine – shipwrecks. Here are 10 shipwrecks, tragedies that the world will not forget in a hurry......
Infographics on Most Dangerous Volcanoes Around the World

Most Dangerous Volcanoes Around the World

Volcanoes are one of the most violent and destructive forces of Nature. While it is true that it is these volcanic belts that are home to some of the most spectacular forms of flora and fauna, it is also true that these volcanoes have been feared, worshiped, and studied for centuries now......
Worst Food in the World

Worst Food in the World

Human beings have an exceptionally strong survival instinct, they say. We are able to make do with strange and unusual foods when it comes to survival. But here is our list of 10 foods that are the worst that can be consumed, and yet are “delicacies” to the local folks......
Top 10 Favorite Wines

Top 10 Favorite Wines

“Wine makes every meal an occasion”, they say. Most people from across the world will agree. Though there are thousands of wines available throughout the world, here is our selection of the top 10 wines consumed across the globe......
Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis is a mid-sized independent university located in Missouri. Seven schools within Washington University (also known as Wash U) offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to its nearly 14,117 students, which are divided about equally between undergraduate and graduate programs.....
Infographic on Emory University

Emory University

Emory University is a private university, located near metropolitan Atlanta in Druid Hills, Georgia. With two undergraduate colleges and seven graduate and professional schools, Emory has a total of about 13,893 students enrolled, 7,441 of which are undergraduates, while 6,453 are enrolled in the graduate and professional schools.....
Infographic on University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame University is a private Catholic institution located near South Bend, Indiana, with undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. Around 8,402 undergraduate students, 3,552 graduate students, and 1,547 doctorate students are enrolled in programs at Notre Dame, for a total student population of about 12,004. Notre Dame has eight schools and programs, and its academic calendar follows a semester system......
Infographic on Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Vanderbilt University is a private institute if higher education that is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and is considered one of the top universities in the region. A strong emphasis on research and undergraduate studies makes Vanderbilt a great option for higher education. Vanderbilt is a medium-sized university, with undergraduate enrollment at around 6,796, while its graduate and professional schools enroll about 5,949, for a total of 12,745 students......
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Infographics on US Fast Facts

Infographic on Florida Facts

Florida Fast Facts

Location and Geography: The entire state of Florida is more or less a giant peninsula extending from the southeastern portion of the United States. It is known for its unique wildlife and its delicate but beautiful environment of wetlands and coastlines. It is perhaps the wettest of the states, being mostly surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, with much of its land area being swamps and marshes........
Infographic on Kansas Facts

Kansas Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Arkansas is a state located in the American South directly above Louisiana, bordering the Mississippi River. The river’s waters seasonally flood much of the state, making the land rich for agricultural development. Beautiful remote locations, hot springs, and cave systems also serve as a tourist draw.........
Infographic on New Jersey Facts

New Jersey Fast Facts

Location and Geography: New Jersey is a relatively small state located in the East Coast of the United States, between the Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for being densely populated and has few areas within it that are not part of an urban landscape..........
Infographic on Ohio Facts

Ohio Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Ohio is located right between the Northeastern and Midwestern areas of the United States, directly below Lake Erie. Its central position and numerous waterways have continually assured its place as a major shipping and trading hub within the country..........
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Infographics on Countries Fast Facts

Infographic of Denmark Facts

Denmark Facts

Denmark is a Scandinavian country situated in northern Europe. The Kingdom of Denmark comprises Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Denmark is the southern-most of the Nordic countries, bordered by Sweden to the south-west, Norway and Germany to the south. The country also borders both the Baltic and the North Sea...........
Infographic of Saudi Arabia Facts

Saudi Arabia Facts

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country situated in the Middle East, between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.
Saudi Arabia borders Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait to the north; the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to the east; Yemen to the south; and Oman to the southeast. The Red Sea lies to the west of the country, and the Persian Gulf to the northeast............
Infographic of Spain Facts

Spain Facts

Fact about Spain a predominant country on the Iberian Peninsula,which occupies almost 85% of its area, has some unique facts of its own. The Strait of Gibraltar separates Spain from the African continent. The Cantabrian Mountains clearly separate the country into two distinct halves: the rainy north and the dry south. The country comprises of mainland Spain , the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic .............
Infographic of Greece Facts

Greece Facts

Greece is located in the southeastern region of the European continent, on the far southern edge of the Balkan Peninsula.
Athens is the capital city of Greece. It has a population of approximately 655,780. The Greek capital is also the largest city of the country, covering an area of 159 square miles. There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Athens: the Acropolis.............
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Infographics on Languages of the World

Infographic on English Language

English Language

Overview: English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. While it has fewer native speakers than other languages such as Mandarin Chinese, it has spread far and wide due to British colonization and American global influence, becoming something of an international tongue. English is often accepted as a go-between language, or lingua franca, for international commerce and politics, as it is very likely the most commonly acquired second or third language on the planet. Exact numbers are impossible to come by, but according .............
Infographic on German Language

German Language

Overview: German is one of the dominant languages of Europe, and high numbers of Europeans from every country have at least a basic proficiency in it. However, Germany never achieved a worldwide colonial empire on the level of those of France, Spain, or England, so the language has less of a global reach than the languages of some other European powers. Many of the enclaves of the German language that exist in other countries were brought by German immigrants, especially in South America and the United States. .............
Infographic on Russian Language

Russian Language

Russian was spread far and wide during the twentieth century due to the influence of the USSR, but after the breakup of this organization in the 1990s, its prominence has waned somewhat. The USSR was frequently repressive of native languages other than Russian, which has created a backlash in former Soviet Bloc countries in the form of a revival of their older languages. Despite this, Russian is still frequently learned as a second language by citizens of these countries..............
Infographic on French Language

French Language

Overview: French is not only the native tongue of a major European country, but belongs to one of the most successful colonial nations in history. It is therefore spoken throughout the world, most notably in Canada and throughout western, northern and central Africa. Some former colonies, such as Tunisia, actively attempt to discourage the use of French as a relic of their conquered past–others, such as the Canadian province of Quebec, have deeply integrated the French language into their attitude and way of life. In the post-colonial..............
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Debate Topics

Is The Iran Nuclear Deal a Historic Mistake?

Is The Iran Nuclear Deal a Historic Mistake?

On Sunday, November 24, 2013, after two months of grueling negotiations, the P5+1 nations reached a historic agreement with Iran at Geneva. The P5+1 nations are the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and France – as well as Germany...............
Should Black Friday be an American Holiday?

Should Black Friday be an American Holiday?

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day – the Friday after the fourth Thursday in November each year. Black Friday is the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US. In recent years it has been marked by shopping hysteria with most retailers, malls, and shopping centers offering huge discounts or bargain deals, often called “doorbuster deals” and “loss leaders”. Stores have been opening earlier and earlier each year. Black Friday became the unofficial start to Christmas shopping ever since the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade started in 1924...........
Is There a Limit to Human Potential?

Is There a Limit to Human Potential?

Humans have continued to evolve throughout our existence, developing mentally and physically to become smarter, stronger, and in general, better.
In a world that seems to be progressing at an accelerated rate, extraordinary human bodies and minds are continually pushed to their limits and beyond, breaking world records and defying beliefs about our capabilities.................
Do Celebrities Have a Social Responsibility?

Do Celebrities Have a Social Responsibility?

According to the Merriam-Webster's online dictionary, a Celebrity is - (1) the state of being famous or celebrated; (2) a person who is famous. The sway and influence of celebrities, however, reaches far beyond their chosen profession or field of influence. Celebrities are often looked upon as major social influencers and a number of them take up significant social responsibilities and causes. From living inspirational lives to endorsing causes and products, celebrities live in the spotlight of public attention.................
Top 10 New Year Resolutions

Top 10 New Year Resolutions

The start of every New Year brings with it a lot of celebrations, love, hopes and most importantly resolutions. Resolutions - promises we make to ourselves only to, more often than not, break them unceremoniously later. And the beginning of a year seems like the best time to turn over a new leaf and start afresh. Here is a list of the top ten resolutions that people make each year – whether they keep them is another............
Infographic on Christmas Holiday Destinations

Top Ten Christmas Destinations in the World

The year is about to end and winter is just gorgeous. The world looks like a Hallmark card and you can hear bells jingling around the corner. The kids are on a break from school and you don’t mind loosening your money belts. What better than to plan a Christmas vacation? The question however, is where to spend this vacation. Be it Europe’s famous Christmas markets or Santa’s hometown........
Infographic on New Year's Eve Parties

Best New Year's Eve Parties

Every New Year's Eve, cities across the world put on a dazzling show to celebrate and usher in the New Year. This New Year celebrate with the most happening crowds at the biggest street parties across the globe. Read on to find out more about the top ten New Year party destinations that are host to the most memorable parties in the world.......

Infographics on Famous Personalities

Biography of Martin Luther King Jr.

Biography of Martin Luther King Jr.

A second to none social activist, Martin Luther King Jr.’s name comes first to mind when we need to recall a leader in the African Americans' fight for equality. A true advocate of non violence and peaceful protest, the contributions of Martin Luther King Jr. in the American Civil Rights Movement is manifold. Perhaps none can meet up to his courage and his level of tenacity.......

Infographics on US Elections

Obama or Romney

U.S. Presidential Election Facts

President Barack Obama hit out at his Republican rival Mitt Romney in their third and final presidential debate on Monday.
The face off in Florida saw the challengers argue over the Arab Spring, Iran, Israel and China........