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Maps of World CD Ver 2.0
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US $50

About Maps of World CD Ver. 2.0

The Maps of World CD Ver 2.0 is a fabulous resource offering a significant variety of thematic maps of the world, countries and cities. The maps and information contained in the CD on subjects such as geography, polity, time zone, demography, agriculture, economy, international grouping, travel, sports, news and others makes it a valuable addition for office and home libraries. All the maps in the CD are printable and can easily be used for presentations, projects and reports.

CD Interface

How is the Maps of World CD Ver.2.0 is different from the previous edition?
The first edition of Maps of World CD launched in 2005 received an overwhelming response from all the quarters. It was widely appreciated for its concept and focus on world information. The Ver 2.0 is an upgraded edition containing new maps, content and applications along with user-friendly interface and fast navigation. MyCustom Map, an interactive software that allows the user to label, illustrate, fill colors, modify, and print the map as per his choice is a unique inclusion in the CD this time around. The new version is conceptualized taking into consideration the suggestions and feedback of the users.

MyCustom Map

How does Maps of World CD Ver 2.0 is useful for me?
The Maps of World CD is a comprehensive databank of the world. It contains thematic maps of the world, information on travel, economy, country profiles, flags, currencies, world time, ISD codes, lat-long, news and sports. MyCustom Map application, a new addition in the CD allows you to customize and modify maps as per your specifications for projects, reports etc. Being a unique resource it offers instant and reliable information of the world anywhere, anytime without the dependence on the Internet.

What are the System Requirements for using the Maps of World CD?
Pentium II and above; High color 16 bit resolution; 800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 display settings; 64 MB RAM or above; CD Drive, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP

World Political Map
How soon can the Maps of world CD be delivered?
The CD is delivered within 3-4 working days and there are no additional charges for delivery.

How Can I Order the Maps of World CD?
The CD is priced at US$ 50 (inclusive shipment) and can be ordered online by clicking on the Order Now button on this page.

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