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About University of Wisconsin, Madison

In a nutshell
Founded in 1848, the University of Wisconsin - Madison was the first public research university of the state and continues to be the largest and oldest public institution here. There are four National Historic Landmarks inside the campus, which includes 20 colleges and schools.

The institution's main campus is spread over 900 acres between two lakes, namely Mendota and Monona. The university boasts about 100 research centers and programs, encompassing art, agriculture, education, and engineering. Moreover, the research programs that the university conducts are known worldwide. A tradition called 'the Wisconsin Idea,' laid down in 1904 by President Charles Van, influences teaching and research at UW-Madison. It aims to use its research for improving the lives and health of all people within the state. It continues to inspire the work of its students and faculty members in their endeavors to make sure that education influences the lives of people beyond just the classroom.

The research expenditure of the university in 2012 amounted to $1.1 billion, which was the third highest in the United States. Moreover, in the year 2014, it was ranked 37th worldwide in the QS World University Rankings and was also awarded five stars of excellence.

Academic Achievement

Till date, the alumni and faculty of the university have been awarded 26 Pulitzer and 17 Nobel prizes. Its 20 schools and colleges offer around 4,700 courses, 150 master's degree programs, 120 doctoral programs, and 132 undergraduate majors. The university recently introduced Discovery to Product (D2P), an association between the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and the school that works towards helping faculty and students to transmute ideas into products and companies.

Academic programs are offered in various fields and most popular majors include Biology, Economics, and English among many more. The school of liberal arts is one of the largest ones in the region and offers a large variety of courses that students can work towards with confidence.

Annual Tuition Fee - An Overview
Its in-state tuition and fees cost about $10,400 as opposed to $26,600 for those who reside out-of-state. However, more than 60 percent of new students receive financial aid and many receive grants and loans as well. Considering that there are multiple options available for students, including, work-study, it becomes vital for them to apply for financial aid at the time of the application process.

Student Housing and Other Facilities
The campus size of the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the large number of programs it offers attract students from various backgrounds, ethnicity, and lifestyles. Moreover, it houses many clubs and organizations that promote the diversity and varying natures of people who are drawn towards the school.

The Memorial Union is an attractive part of the campus and is consisted of dining areas, the lakeshore terrace, among other facilities. Interestingly, the UW-Madison possesses its own food service, recreation facilities, hospitals, police officials, botanical gardens, power facilities, public artworks, and an on-campus dairy plant. Also, its library system is spread all over campus, with over 40 special-purpose and professional libraries.

Student housing at the school is quite accommodating as well, primarily for new students who are looking to socialize and ease into their new lives. Each dorm is unique and a large variety of options is worth looking for.

Where is University of Wisconsin Located

Madison, the 82nd biggest city in the nation, is located in the Midwest and students rave about the picturesque location of the school. Two lakes surround the campus and the atmosphere at college is quite safe and friendly. The most happening street of the city is right next to the campus and offers several shops and restaurants. The combination of the two worlds makes it perfect for those who want to live a college life, while also being part of the larger city life.

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Last Updated on: September 25th, 2017