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About University of Illinois

In a nutshell
The University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign (also called U of I, UIUC, or Illinois ) is a founding member of the Big Ten Conference. It is a public research university located in Illinois, United States. Based on land-grant, it is the chief institution of the University of Illinois system. The university has an impressive campus, comprising 17 colleges and the second largest library in the country after the one in Harvard University. Initially referred to as the "Illinois Industrial University," the name was changed twice after that and has been known by its current name since 1982.

The university campus located in the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign holds 647 buildings spread over 4,552 acres. The two cities, Urbana and Champaign, evenly share the institution's academic and research facilities. Its Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Psychology Department, Engineering College, and College of Law, Education, and Business are highly esteemed and among the best in the country.

An interesting fact about the university is that it is one of the few educational establishments to own its airport. Completed in the year 1945 and began to function in 1954, Willard Airport, houses research projects as well as the Institute of Aviation.

Academic Achievements

The University of Illinois houses over 80 laboratories and research facilities, with over 1,800 faculty members, who guide more than 42,000 students throughout their educational careers at the institution. Faculty members are well-connected individuals and experts in their respective fields. Some of them have also received awards such as Nobel Prizes and Tony Awards. The alumni are quite established as well - eleven of them have been honored with Nobel Prizes.

Annual Tuition Fee - An Overview
In-state tuition fee is $15,602 (2014-15) as opposed to $30,228, which is the out-of-state fee. A large percentage of undergraduate students receive financial aid and paying for education has been made simpler for those willing to take advice at reduced costs. Also, the grant award or the average scholarship based on need is $13,409.

Student Housing Facilities
The campus with its distinct landscape and great architecture looks aesthetically pleasing. Every possible need of the students is well taken care of and they are offered the option to conveniently relax after the classes.

The diversity statistics are impressive considering the location of the university. It enrolls the highest number of international students in the nation and sufficient attention is diverted towards its non-white population. All students are given the opportunity to involve with Greek life, which is an active part of the institution. Fraternities and sororities are a powerful force in campus and all freshmen are needed to reside in the campus itself.

Despite the daunting number of parties offered on campus, parents can be rest assured of the efficiency of safety provisions at the institution. In addition to the presence of security officers, emergency phones are kept all over the campus. Safe-rides operate every day and transport students to on-campus housing without charging them anything extra. Despite the presence of such resources, the institution continues to educate its students on matters of safety.

Besides these, for the overall growth of their students, the university provides a number of services to them, which include non-remedial counseling, placement and health services, day care, health insurance, and others.

Where is University of Illinois Located

The campus of U of I is like a city in itself. Twin cities namely, Urbana and Champaign have their own shops, clubs, and culture. The whole region, however, boasts a warm small-town feel. Being far from a big city can make some students restless, but one of the nation's biggest and culturally diverse cities, Chicago, is only at a minimal distance from the University of Illinois. Hence, students have the opportunity to experience the real world as well as the warmth of the small-town life.

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Last Updated on: September 22nd, 2017