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Studying at a USA university is a dream of every student. Getting a degree from the top-notch college and that too belonging to Ivy League can kick-start your career on a high note. And we realize this very well and help you to reach your goal by providing you an essential and through US university guide. All the top colleges and universities have been classified based on their location. For instance, if you wish to find out all major educational institutes in Alabamy, then within a few clicks you can know all the crucial details about a university, like its admission fees, class sizes, choices of courses, research facilities, and even tuition costs. We also shed light on the social scene of the university, presenting its other than academic profile, like its take on arts, clubs, and extra-curricular activities.
Besides that, we discuss some open facts about the US, the information which can come handy to your during your time there. We discuss a number of aspects ranging from its climate to political scenario to major cuisines prevalent there.
In short, we are one stop for all the information related to US universities.