#Cainwreck? Interesting facts about U.S elections process

Frontrunning republican presidential (US) candidate Herman Cain suspended his campaign last weekend. His campaign was rocked by claims of infidelity and sexual harrassment. Twittersphere was buzzing with jokes about the speech, #cainwreck has been trending ever since; Here’s an example:

Cain’s campaign is suspended as in the way a brick, when dropped, suspends itself in the air #cainwreck. (@GlennF on Twitter)

Bonus : Here’s Cain’s bizarre speech

The race to 2012 Presidential Elections is becoming eventful by the week, the rise and fall of candidates on the republican side. Democrats on the other hand are firm with their choice of Obama for President and Biden as his running mate.

Interesting Facts about U.S Election Process

We have added some interesting nuggests of information about the U.S elections process. This would help you undertand how the process works and answer some key questions about the Presidential position.

U.S. Presidential Election Facts
Who can become President of the United States? Who can vote in Presidential elections? How are presidential candidates chosen? When does the new President of the United States take office? and more

US Presidential Primaries and Caucuses
Primaries, Caucuses, Schedule of Elections and Super Tuesday

U.S. Political Parties
History of Political Parties in the United States, The Donkey and the Elephant and Third Party

Delegates and Superdelegates for Presidential Conventions
Delegates and Super Delegates

Your Thoughts ? What do you think will become of the Republicans race for presidency? Also we would love to hear from you if you liked the facts on US Elections. Do post a comment below.

Photo Credit : Gage Skidmore @Flickr

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