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Society and Culture of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British abroad territory which is located close to the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula. Gibraltar Society and Culture reflects the varied genesis of the people of Gibraltar. The racial origin of the majority of the people of Gibraltar is unknown. It is supposed that in the Gibraltar Society and Culture there are the influences of Andalusia and Britain.

In the society of Gibraltar the influence of Britain is seen much more. The ethnicities that can be found at Gibraltar society are that of Maltese, Genoese, German and Portuguese. At Gibraltar the language that is used by the government, educational sector, business fields and the media is English.

Gibraltar is represented in the European Union. The political structure of Gibraltar takes place in an outline of a parliamentary representative democratic and the Chief Minister is the head of the government. The culture of Gibraltar is very varied and rich.

Most of the people of Gibraltar are Roman Catholic. History speaks about Gibraltar that the cultural bonding with Spain had been strong. Intermarriage also took place among the Spaniards and the Gibraltarians. At the time of the World War II, all the residents of the Rock were abandoned to United Kingdom. Most of the names of people of Gibraltar reflect the mixture of the Mediterranean and British heritage.

Religion in Gibraltar
The major religions followed in Gibraltar are Christianity and most of the residents of Gibraltar belong to the Roman Catholic Church. Some of the people of Gibraltar follow other religions. Gibraltar Religion also consists of other religious factions like the Hinduism, Islam, and Bahai Faith.

Some of the minorities of the Christian religion at Gibraltar include Church of England, Pentecostals, and Church of Scotland. Roman Catholics in Gibraltar account for 76.9 percentage of the people. Gibraltar is a single bishopric that is straight away subject to the Holy See.

The main hub of Catholic worship in Gibraltar is the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned but at the same time there is a shrine along with six churches. St Andrew's Church in Gibraltar is a congregation of the Church of Scotland and is a component of the Presbytery of Europe.

The religion of Islam is also followed in Gibraltar. The Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque which is located at the Europa Point at the southern end of Gibraltar is a popular landmark at the place. The building of the mosque was a gift from the King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

For more than 650 years there has been a Jewish occurrence in Gibraltar. For the majority of time the Jews residing at Gibraltar have flourished and they are one of the largest minorities in the city and the Jews have taken part is all walks of life in Gibraltar such as government, defense, culture. Hinduism is also followed by some of the people of Gibraltar.

Languages Spoken in Gibraltar
The official language spoken in Gibraltar is English. But there are many other languages that the people of Gibraltar speak. Many of the people of Gibraltar are bi- lingual and so they can speak both English and Spanish with the same fluency.

English language in Gibraltar is used in many places such as schools, government, and media. Other languages in Gibraltar that are spoken are Spanish, Arabic and also the major vernacular language of Llanito.

The vernacular language of Gibraltar Llanito is a creole language based on Andalusina and Spanish. It makes use of recurrent modification between the two languages in a single conversation or simply code-switching between Spanish and English.

Before the Britishers took over Gibraltar the language of Spanish was widely spoken at Gibraltar. But later on there were less number of people who used to speak Spanish. According to the estimates taken in the year 2001, the number of people belonging to the Spanish nationality at Gibraltar was 326.

There are some people at Gibraltar who speak the Arabic language. At Gibraltar Arabic is spoken by the minority of people belonging to North Africa and Morocco. There were 961 Moroccans at Gibraltar as per the estimation done in the year 2001.

Cuisine of Gibraltar
The geographical position of Gibraltar ensures that Gibraltar Food would cover up wide range of French, British, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan, Indian and Chinese cuisine. The national specialty cuisines that are inclusive of the Gibraltar Food are Calentita and panissa and Spinach tortilla.

The restaurants of Gibraltar offer a variety of food options to the guests. The cooking influences of Gibraltar also include the various foods belonging to Genoa, Malta, Andalusia. The food of Gibraltar is an eclectic combination of British and Mediterranean cuisine.

Pasta is a popular dish of the people of Gibraltar. The popular local pasta which has the origin from Italy is a hot favorite among the cuisine of Gibraltar. Baked Pasta is also liked by the people, which consist of macaroni and sauce.

Bread, forms one of the major components of the food in Gibraltar. In Gibraltar many types of bread are available like the Calentita, Bollo de hornasso, Panissa and Pan dulce. Rolitos is another favorite delicacy of Gibraltar. Rolitos is a thin slice of beef that is surrounded by bread crumbs and that can be cooked, fried or even baked.

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