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Bermuda Travel Guide and Places to Visit

Bermuda travel guide offers all the wonders that the Mother Nature has to offer. Travel to Bermuda can be a very memorable vacation. There are a lot of attractive tourists' spots in Bermuda that attracts visitors from all over the world. The unmatched beauty of the beaches, reefs and coves provides ample opportunity for exploration.

Places to Visit in Bermuda:
  • Fort St. Catherine - the queen of forts, of which there are ninety.
  • Botanical Gardens - Bermuda's queen of parks, make a wonderful picnic spot.
  • The Maritime Museum - it is an exceptional display of maritime history.

Maps to Explore More About Bermuda

  • St. Georges World Heritage Site - oldest inhabited town of English origin.
  • Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ)
  • Kings Wharf Bermuda (Royal Naval Dockyard)
  • Dolphin Quest, Bermuda
  • Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves Bermuda
  • St Peter's Church
  • Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
  • St Catherine Fort Bermuda
  • Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI)
  • Spittal Pond Nature Reserve
Things to do in Bermuda
The major activities to do in Bermuda are:
  • Fishing: Among a host of activities that one might indulge in while on a vacation in Bermuda, fishing is perhaps the most preferred one. May to November is the ideal time for fishing in Bermuda. There are primarily three main forms of fishing in Bermuda. These are;
    • Shore Fishing: This type of Bermuda fishing can be done by tourists without any permit. Bone fish, grey snapper, pompano, and great Barracuda comprise the standard catch.
    • Reef Fishing: This type of Bermuda fishing produces catch such as great Barracuda, grey snapper, Bermuda chub, lane snapper, little tunny and yellow tail.
    • eep Sea Fishing in Bermuda: This type of Bermuda fishing produces catch like Atlantic blue, marlin, rainbow runner, white marlin, wahoo, black fin tuna and yellow fin tuna.
    There are certain rules regulating fishing in Bermuda, except pole spears other instruments like spear guns are not permitted.
  • Fly Fishing: The shallow southern shores of Bermuda offer ideal conditions for fly fishing. Fly fishing in Bermuda is quite preferred by fishing enthusiasts. Fly fishing for Bonefish in Bermuda can be a good recreational activity for vacationers done during any part of the day. Bones can be fished every month throughout the year. Although, through April and November is the prescribed season for fly fishing. The average size of a bone fish is 6-12 lbs. Before venturing out for fly fishing in Bermuda, it is essential to know certain basics about fly fishing about the various forms of fly rods, reels, knots, casting and fly lines. It is often claimed that Bermuda fly fishing is simply incomparable to fly fishing any where else in the world. Every site has a new adventure to offer. On an average 15 shots is the usual catch on a standard morning.
  • Helmet Diving: A novel water sport of its kind, Helmet diving in Bermuda has been entertaining the tourists for over sixty years. It provides a vivid picture of the underwater marine life of Bermuda. Bronson Hartley popularized helmet diving, first starting it in 1947. It is said that Bronson Hartley first built his diving helmet when he was only 10 years old. Subsequently he improved his invention to create the famous Hartley Diving Helmet.

  • Helmet Diving expeditions in Bermuda are usually of two types:
    • Bermuda Bell Diving: In this type of helmet diving, the divers first board the Cameron, an Admirals launch. Once a shallow sea site is reached, a ladder assists the divers to enter the sea equipped with a dive helmet. The expedition usually lasts for 25-30 minutes while the diver walks across the sea bed, witnessing the marvelous underwater world.
    • Hartley's Undersea Walk, Bermuda: This type of helmet diving is run by Greg Hartley, son of the reputed marine biologist Bronson Hartley. The entire trip is for three and half hours with thirty minutes underwater exploration. The Hartley's Diving Helmet functions like a glass inverted upside down. The open end is held down by the lead. Divers can also wear glasses or their contact lenses. The divers can easily walk on the sea floor with the helmet on.
    Helmet Diving in Bermuda can be a unique adventure, calling for the experience of a lifetime. Bermuda angelfishes and Tropical parrotfish are swimming amidst the azure blue crystal clear water and the beautiful coral reefs are sight to treasure.

  • Jet Skiing: Bermuda can be the ultimate destination for adventure water sport enthusiasts for the remarkable jet skis it offers. A vacation in this beautiful island country of sand and seas cannot be enjoyed to the fullest without going on the amazing Jet Ski tours of Bermuda that lays waiting for its visitors. Riding on jet skis can be a fun filled experience both for families and individuals in Bermuda. Usually, age is not a bar for jet skiing in Bermuda. However, if you want to drive a ski boat, it is mandatory that you are 16 years of age and have an age proof. Beginners taking tours on jet skis in Bermuda are given proper instructions by trained guides. A host of companies specializing in various kinds of water sports in Bermuda conduct jet skis. Those interested can choose among rides by the hour, half-day or even decide on special deals to suite their requirements.

    Some well known companies conducting water skiing in Bermuda are:
    • Bermuda Water-ski Center: Kent Richardson runs this coveted center exclusively meant for waterskiing in Bermuda.
    • Fantasea: Several Jet Ski deals are provided by this Bermudian company.
    • Somerset Bridge Water sports: This offers a speed ride on a jet ski of the western end of Bermuda.
    • SurfShack: Rentals and instructions are available from this center for jet skiing.
    • Windjammer Water sports: Jet skis are offered by this company located in the Dockyard.
  • Parasailing: For satisfying the innate desire of flying without wings and the rare privilege of experiencing Bermuda from several feet above the ground, parasailing is the answer. The presence of inshore areas and harbors provide for ideal conditions for Bermuda parasailing. Visitors opting for parasailing can rise up to 250 to 300 feet in the sky.

  • Parasailing in Bermuda is offered from the:
    • East End
    • West End
    • Hamilton and
    • Waterlot Dock

    Tourists of all ages can indulge in the mesmerizing experience of parasailing while on a vacation in Bermuda. One can even decide on an energizing swim following a parasailing ride.

    There are various companies that take visitors on parasailing tours in Bermuda. Some of them are:
    • St. George's Parasailing Water Sports Ltd: This offers parasailing ride in St. George's Harbor.
    • Skyrider Bermuda Ltd: This provides an opportunity to parasail around the North Shore and Great Sound locales.
    • KS Water Sports: This is situated on the waterfront of The White Horse Pub and Restaurant in St George's.
    • Fantasea Water Sports: This also offers views of North Shore and Great Sound locales on its parasailing rides.

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Horseback Riding: Horseback riding in Bermuda is one of the greatest attractions of the island. It is practiced throughout the year in Bermuda. Riders, trained or untrained, are allowed to take part in horseback riding. There are special trainers who give training to the interested candidates. The trained instructors accompany all the rides taken by the fresher. Regarding horseback riding, Bermuda has strict limitations and this is the reason that the horses in Bermuda are not given on hire. Bermuda levies strict laws in public areas and beaches for horseback riding.

    Bermuda is also famous for their horse shows and pony racing which takes place at the Botanical Gardens in Bermuda and the racing takes place on Vesey Street. Spicelands riding centre in Bermuda is a popular spot for horseback riding. One can do a test ride of 1 hour 15 minutes in this riding center. Besides being a place for riding, it is also a favorite tourist's attraction. New horseback riders are also trained here in the riding ring.

    Horseback riding now days is fetching more and more tourists and this sport has popularized the country of Bermuda. The best time for horseback riding is in the early morning. Large crowds gather famous riding areas like Spicelands riding centre to enjoy horseback riding.

  • Hotels and Resorts in Bermuda
    Best hotels in Bermuda are:
    • Rosedon Hotel, Hamilton
    • Royal Palms Hotel, Hamilton
    • Pompano Beach Club, Southampton
    • The Reefs, Southampton
    • Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel, Paget
    • Cambridge Beaches, Sandys
    • Rosewood Tucker's Point, Hamilton
    • Coco Reef Resort Bermuda, Paget
    • 9 Beaches Resort, Sandys
    • Syl-den Apartments, Warwick

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