Universities in Turkey

Map Of Educational Institutions In Turkey

Turkish Universities
Education system in Turkey is an older one and it dates back to 2000 B.C. when they were seen first time on the pages of history and from that period they were the part of three separate civilizations. 
Turkish universities are the part of modern civilization and the major universities are situated in Istanbul and Ankara. Undergraduate studies in Turkish Universities are mainly for two or four years whereas for graduate degree it's another two years and this process is quite common throughout the world.

  There is about 93 Universities in Turkey and they come under the public universities and the fees are nominal in these Turkish Universities as the sole purpose of this institutions is to provide quality education at the nominal prices to the common masses. PrivateTurkey Universities are highly expensive and the fees can be high up to $ 15,000 annually.

The education quality in the University of Turkey are usually very good and some institution have international acclaim and are much better than the universities of U.S .Accredit ion board for Engineering and Technology are regularly visited by the Turkish universities. University of Turkey always participates in Socrates -Erasmus and their main aim is to uplift the students in all the fields.

Anadolu University
Anadolu University was founded in 1958 by the joint effort of the Eskisehir Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences and later on came to be known as Anadolu University in 1982.University of Anadolu is the most renowned university around the globe and its due to the excellent education facilities and its also one among the most modern and innovative Universities of Turkey. The main campus of the university is located at the center of Eskisehir and it has scientific and cultural center and the administrative units are also located on this campus. The faculty of the engineering and architecture is a little bit far from the city center.

Ankara University
Turkey is a hub of top notch universities worldwide and Ankara University is one among them. Ankara University is a public university and is located in the capital city Ankara and is the first higher education institute in the international level. Ankara university was founded by Atatürk as he wanted to set up a revolutionized system of education nationally and globally. Ankara University Of Turkey boosts of its academically quality staffs and the expertise they provide to the students in the learning and research pro grammes.

Bilkent University
The Bilkent University is the outcome of the joint efforts of Ihsan Dogramaci Education founder, Ihsan Dogramaci Science and Research foundation and Ihsan Dogramaci Health foundation and it was Set up in the October 20,1984.Bilkent in Turkish means the city of science and knowledge and Bilkent University of Turkey was forwarded keeping all these factors in mind and it aims higher in achieving the excellence in education .In 1986, Bilkent University first admitted its students and that year 386 students got enrolled far the undergraduate and graduate course.

Bogazici University
Bogazici University is another university of repute in Turkey and it has set a benchmark for others by its great performance both by the students and the faculties. Established in 1863, Bogazici University among other Turkish Universities laid emphasis on generating knowledge on the global platform and educates individuals who will further enlighten on the development of the society. Bogazici University of Turkey is acclaimed internationally for its scientific excellence and is struggling very hard to become the eminent research and educational institution internationally and Dr. Cyrus Hamlin is the first president of this university.

Ege University
Ege University is one of the pioneer universities of Turkey and was founded in the year 1955 with the faculties of medicine and agriculture and is situated in Bornovo, a district of Izmir. Izmir city is also famous for its three state universities and a private university. The year 1982 was a landmark year for Ege University and by this time it was one of the largest universities of Turkey and has 17 faculties, 7 institutes and 9 junior college type schools. The Ege University in Turkey has a vast campus and it has all sorts of sport and social services going on all around the year. The challenging atmosphere at the Ege University provides a complete base for the student's personal and professional development. Various cultural events, excursions to historical sites and many tours are organized from time to time.

Faith University
Faith University is another unique one among other Turkish universities as it imparts affordable quality education and training in the Biblical theology and other related subject of theological and religious studies .The courses offered by Faith University in Turkey is generally based on the history, tradition and values of ones faith and religious text is also studied in this university. Many religions can be studied in the Faith University of Turkey which is Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism. Faith University was founded by the Turkish association of health and medical treatment on 18th November 1996.

Hacettepe University
Hacettepe University is established in the year 1958 on July 8, and on this very date the Institute of Child Health was established along with the inauguration of Hacettepe Children hospital. Again on June15, 1963 faculty of medicine was established. Hacettepe University in Turkey has always tried to train the brilliant, enlightened research oriented mind and had achieved her goal. The main aim and vision of the institute is to train highly qualified individuals for the benefit of the society. Hacettepe University of Turkey provides such training that the members who pass out of this organization feel proud in both national and international arena.

Middle East Technical University
Middle East Technical University is founded on November 15th 1956 and this University is mainly designed to create a skilled workforce for the areas concerned to the field of natural and social sciences. Middle East Technical University of Turkey has introduced new innovative methods for better Turkish education and promoting modern education nationally. The courses on the offering are 152 graduate programs and they are available in Graduate school of natural sciences, social sciences, and informatics and even in the marine science. Graduate schools also offer these programs. The instruction medium in Middle East Technical University is English. Presently 750 faculties along with the 400 academic instructors and 14,000 research assistants train 21,000 students.

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