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Puerta de Europa (Torres KIO)

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Gate of Europe towers or Torres KIO - Puerta de Europa image

Torres KIO are the world’s largest towers which are leaning towards each other

Madrid city represents beautiful architectural work. Puerta de Europa is one of them. Madrid’s architects know how to combine business and creativity. Even a simple business tower and residential building is given the look of an attractive architectural piece. Latest technology, architectural style, and modernized facility are the basis of the famous twin architectural form.

The local name of this architecture is KIO towers (Torres KIO). It is given after the construction company that took charge to build it: Kuwait Investment Office. The creators of this beautiful work are Philip Johnson and John Burgee. The design of these towers is unique. The towers are made from granite, glass, and metal. The towers are given 15 degrees slope to make them look different. If you are walking on the nearby street, then you will feel like it will fall on earth any time. The towers look like two giant men standing next to each other.

The architects designed it to look like a free-hand picture. The use of the building is made by the Kuwait investments office for the business purpose. The building is same like any other building with lifts and staircase.

These two towers are considered as the world’s largest towers, which are leaning towards each other. The name of the towers, Puerta de Europa, suggests that it is the Gate of Europe. It may be said so because it is constructed in the northern end of business city Madrid, and the shape of these towers looks like an open gate on the skyline.

Puerta de Europa (Torres KIO) Map

Facts about Puerta de Europa (Torres KIO)

  • The construction of Puerta de Europa began in 1989 and was completed in 1996.
  • Bankia and Realia are the owners of the towers now.
  • Each 114-meter-high tower has 26 floors and 8 elevators.

Where is Puerta de Europa (Torres KIO) ?

Puerta de Europa, also known as the Gate of Europe, is located in Madrid, Spain. Puerta de Europa can be reached within 15 minutes from the Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Best time to visit Puerta de Europa (Torres KIO)

If you wish to avoid crowds, then the months of May, June, and September will be perfect for planning a visit to Europe.

More about Puerta de Europa (Torres KIO)

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Image Credit : Manuel González Olaechea y Franco

Published On: Wednesday, January 29th, 2014