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Underwater World Singapore, Sentosa Island

Underwater World Singapore

Underwater World Singapore – Asia’s largest oceanarium

Anyone who has read Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea knows that the ocean is a place of marvel. A world unbeknownst to mankind, the depths of which one cannot ever truly fathom. But what if you could live the mysteries of the deep blue sea, its rich flora and fauna, almost swim along with colorful fish, and get an up close and personal look at their lives? Welcome to Underwater World Singapore that takes you to the exotic fantastic world of the blue ocean.

Providing an ideal space where fun interacts with education, Singapore Underwater World is an oceanarium located on the Sentosa getaway island. With a variety of more than 250 species and over 2500 marine animals, it is the ultimate destination for an ocean lover. But this oceanarium does not restrict an observer to simply observing marine life from afar. What distinguishes Underwater World Singapore is its ability to provide a safe and exciting space for humans to come to close contact with the marine species.

Have you ever wanted to feed a shark? Or play with dolphins? Or dance with seals? Underwater World Singapore provides you with the span and scope to do all this and more. The MAGIC T-tank allows you to defy gravity and feed fish with openings at the side of the tank. It also allows you to spot mimic octopuses that are famous for being masters of disguise. You can become one with the ocean as giant isopods quietly crawl beside you as you begin the 83m long voyage to the distinctive Reef and Ocean Colonies.

The Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon allows you to immerse yourself in the antics of playful dolphins and fun loving seals who will take your breath away with their performances. Pose with fur seals and take photos of pink dolphins with a host of live performances scheduled just for you. This is one of the most famous programs at Underwater World Singapore and is effectively titled, Meet-the-Dolphins and Fur Seals LIVE!

In addition to introducing mankind to the wonders of sea world, this oceanarium also plays a serious part in conservation. Providing an ideal habitat for endangered species like pink dolphins, dugongs, the sea turtle and corals, the Singapore Underwater World is not just a leisure experience but also a safe haven for these majestic creatures. It actively carries out the Blue Mission, a series of educational exhibits and programs, outreach assembly talks and conservation projects that seek to inspire and educate people on the fragile marine environment.

Underwater World Singapore Map

Underwater World Singapore(Sentosa Island) Map

Map of Underwater World Singapore(Sentosa Island)

Facts about Underwater World Singapore

  • The Underwater World Singapore was opened in 1991, but revamped in 2010 after a variety of attractions were added. In fact, the Underwater World Monorail Station served to bring viewers close to these attractions, but it closed down in 2005.
  • The oceanarium is famous for Fish Reflexology, where patrons can experience the relieving and calming benefits of fish spa. All you need to do is sit back and relax as a school of Turkish spa fish gently nibbles on the dead skin of feet. First discovered in West Asia, the well-known Turkish Garra rufa species, native to hot springs and river basins, have captured the imagination of beauty spa owners. Set to the calming sounds of river stream, this session allows you to rejuvenate and revitalize with Nature Therapy.
  • In July 1997, the Underwater World Singapore conducted the Coral Reef Rescue and Transplantation Project under which it carried out a series of transplantation activities to salvage corals from danger sites. It also launched a coral display on 11 July 2004 to make visitors aware of the threats plaguing South East Asian coral reefs and the role marine parks played in aiding conservation.
  • With an 83m long travelator that carries visitors along a 6-millimetre submerged thick acrylic window tunnel full of exotic sting rays, moray eels, sharks, turtles and coral reefs, Underwater Singapore World provides a safe and close contact with the marine world.
  • In 2002, Underwater World Singapore rescued and released a young Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin that was stranded in a kelong off Pasir Ris. Since then, this commercial center has also been immersed in carrying out studies and research that can aid the conservation of this species.
  • The oceanarium is owned by the Haw Par Corporation, which is also involved in a host of other healthcare and leisure products. This corporation also owns the Underwater World Pattaya in Thailand.

Where is Underwater World Singapore ?

Situated on the Sentosa island of Singapore, Underwater World is pretty much accessible by all forms of transport.
The easiest option that also affords you a picturesque view of the island is Cable Car, which you can board from Mount Faber or Cable Car Towers at HarbourFront Centre from 8.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

You can also alight at the HarbourFront MRT Station and walk to VivoCity Shopping Mall’s waterfront promenade. As you stroll down the only garden-themed Sentosa Boardwalk in South-East Asia, watch the five tropical landscapes indigenous to Singapore. At the end of the Boardwalk, you will find the Sentosa Visitor Arrival Centre.

You can also arrive at the HarbourFront MRT station and take the Sentosa Express from Sentosa Station at VivoCity Level 3.
If you decide to take a taxi, you can arrive directly at Singapore Underwater World. All you need to do is tell the driver to drive towards the direction of Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort. The Underwater World is located right next to this resort.
Once you get to Sentosa, Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon is just 10 minutes away. All you need to do is get on Bus 1 from the Beach Station. Transportation within the island is free of cost.

Best time to visit Underwater World Singapore

On an average, Singapore experiences a hot and humid climate. The island of Sentosa, surrounded by sea on all sides, experiences a breezy tropical climate, which makes the Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon a joyride. The ideal time to visit is between June to August.

Underwater World Singapore Hours

Singapore Underwater World is open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., even though the last admission is at 6:30 p.m.

Underwater World Singapore Tickets

The Underwater World Singapore entrance fee includes admission rates to the Dolphin lagoon as well. While children below 3 years can enter for free, those from 3 to 12 years have to pay a fare of S$20.60. The Underwater World Singapore price requires every visitor above the age of 12 years, to pay a fare of S$29.90.

More about Underwater World Singapore

What are the coordinates of the Underwater World Singapore?

1.2586° N, 103.8112° E

Which are the famous attractions in Singapore?

Sentosa Island, Universal Studios Singapore, Jurong Bird Park, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Marine Life Park, and Tiger Sky Tower.



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Published On: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014