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Loch Ness in Scotland

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Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a large freshwater lake in Scotland

Loch Ness is a lake renowned for being shrouded in mystery and its lovely scenery. This famous lake in Scotland holds about 7,452 million m3 water. The water content is more as compared to all the lakes in England and Wales together. The lake receives water from around 40 streams and waterways. Interestingly, the waters of this loch never freeze. The Ness River and Caledonian Canal connect the loch to the sea.

Loch Ness Monster

The gimmick of the Loch Ness Monster named Nessie bring tourists in volumes. There is no dead cert evidence to support the existence of the monster. However, some claim that the first mention of the monster was made in the biography of Saint Columba. His account dates back to 565 AD. While the saint was journeying to see a Pictish king, he saw an enormous beast ready to attack a man who was swimming in the Loch Ness. The saint enchanted the name of God and commanded the monster to get back. The monster went away. The mysterious monster Nessie remained an important subject of the news for long. Tourists hope to see it someday.

Activities at Loch Ness

  • The nature lovers would find ample of wildlife at the loch. Ospreys catching fish at Loch Ness are a usual sight. Children love to throw stones in the lake, or climb trees in the verdant landscape surrounding the loch. Do not miss to visit the Loch Ness Exhibition, featuring seven themed areas.
  • Several tours are available for those who wish to experience Loch Ness via a cruise. You may choose from day tours, or tours spanning from 2 to 5 days.
  • You would also love to participate in the annual Loch Ness Marathon. It is the biggest marathon in Scotland. Check the details at
  • Loch Ness Map

    Facts about Lochness

    • Loch Ness has a depth of more than 700 feet. It is 23 miles long and 1 mile wide.
    • John Murray conducted the very first scientific survey of loch in 1901.
    • During “Operation Deepscan”, some inexplicable asdic contacts were recorded under the deep water.

    Where is Loch Ness ?

    Loch Ness is located at the North Eastern end of the Great Glen. As the bus services to Loch Ness are not frequent, it is recommended to bring your own car or hire a cab.
    Address: Loch Ness Highland, UK

    Best time to visit Loch Ness

    The month of May is the perfect time to visit the Loch Ness. The weather is idyllic and there is no crowd.

    More About Loch Ness

    What are the coordinates of the Loch Ness?
    57.3000° N, 4.4500° W

    Which are the famous attractions in the Scottish Highlands?
    Clava Cairns, Glenfinnan Monument, Revack Gardens, Lochalsh Woodland Garden, Inverness Floral Hall, Balvenie Castle, Ballindalloch Castle, and Brodie Castle.


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    Published On: Wednesday, July 9th, 2014