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Ben Nevis in Scotland

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Ben Nevis, Scotland

Ben Nevis is the tallest summit in Britain

Ben Nevis mountain ranks among the top-visited destinations in Scotland. With the peak reaching an elevation of 4,406 ft (1,344 meters), Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain. It is easy to climb it and you can reach the summit in a day, if you start off early. The best route “Pony Track” begins from Achintee, about 1.5 miles east of Fort William. While journeying through the track, you would pass through four different vegetation zones. The anglers love to spot some interesting birds, such as wheaters, ring ouzel, ptarmigan, or meadow pipit, inhabiting the different zones. Scheduled guided walks are also available. You need to check with the private tour operators or the Glen Nevis Visitor Center.

Climbing Ben Nevis

The mountain becomes treacherous during the winters and climbing it becomes very difficult. For summer climbing, here are some of the suggested routes:

  • Route II Direct (Severe) – tractable climbing in splendid milieu
  • Centurion (HVS 5a) – the great corner of Carn Dearg Buttress
  • The Long Climb (VS) – a defined mountain route ending on the summit
  • The Bat (E2 5b) – the classic corner, arduous and exposed
  • Titan’s Wall (E3 5c) – strains and maintained climbing

Glen Nevis Visitor Center
Located about 1.5 miles along the Glen Nevis road, the Glen Nevis Visitor Center assists the tourists with information on walking and the local area. Toilets and a shop are located near the visitor center. You can buy maps, or snacks for your journey. There are picnic spots near the riverside, for those who want to enjoy the serene atmosphere and just sit back to relax.

Accommodation near Ben Nevis
There are many options for accommodation near Ben Nevis. Glen Nevis Caravan Camping Park and Glen Nevis Holidays are located within 0.5 miles of the mountain. If you are ready to go little farther, the Alexandra Hotel, Ben Nevis Inn, and Ben Nevis Hotel & Leisure Club are the most preferred lodging choices located within 2 miles.

Tips for a safe journey on Ben Nevis

  • The peaks of the mountain have snow for most of the year. You must follow the safety information for walking on the mountain track. If you see snow hanging at the cornices, you must stay towards the summit.
  • Carry a suitable map and compass.
  • Forget your jeans. Wear warm and comfortable trousers, thick socks, thermal top, warm fleece jacket, and walking boots. Carry the essential items along.

Formation of Ben Nevis
The behemoth mountain of Ben Nevis was the result of the collision of two of the huge plates of the earth’s crust, about 500 million years ago. The collision initiated the formation of the Caledonian Mountain Chain. Due to extreme pressure and heat, the solidified rock inside the earth’s crust turned into the molten state (lava/magma). The lava gushed out of the crust and flowed into the area around Ben Nevis. The outer magma cooled off to form the layers of granite. It became so heavy that the top of the volcano could not hold it. The solidified layer broke off to fall into the inner molten magma, which again led to the eruption of the volcano. Gradually, the area cooled off to form the Ben Nevis mountain.

Ben Nevis Threats
As many people traverse Ben Nevis, it has become a challenge to sustain its pristine form. High rainfall and tourism result in erosion and pollution of the mountain. People don’t use the path made by the authorities and follow the shortcuts to reach the summit. They also litter and defecate here and there. As Ben Nevis is our natural heritage, we should try to conserve it.


Facts about Ben Nevis

  • Ben Nevis spans over an area of 9317.18 hectares.
  • John Keats, one of the jewels of the early phase of the Romantic movement climbed the mountain in 1818. He shared his experience on the Ben Nevis in the sonnet ‘Read me a lesson, Muse, and speak it loud’, where he mentioned, ‘upon the top of Nevis, blind in mist.’
  • In the Gaelic language, Ben Nevis is called “Beinn Nibheis“.

Where is Ben Nevis ?

Ben Nevis abut the Scottish Highlands and the Grampian Mountains to the western side. The dramatic mountain rises above the town of Fort William. You can reach Fort Williams via train to enjoy the scenic views.
Address: Ben Nevis, Fort William, Highland, PH33, UK

Best time to visit Ben Nevis

Summers are the best time to visit Ben Nevis. The weather is idyllic and there is no fog.

More about Ben Nevis

What are the coordinates of Ben Nevis?
56.7968° N, 5.0035° W

Which are the famous attractions in Fort William, Scotland?
The Jacobite, Glen Nevis, West Highland Museum, Aonach Mòr, Steall Waterfall, Inverlochy Castle, Loch Eil, and Ben Nevis distillery.



Published On: Thursday, July 10th, 2014