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Panama Travel Information

Panama is a tourist destination for various reasons. Trekking through rainforests, the Panama Canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and an exciting trip around tropical islands allure the travelers.  Panama is a union of natural discovery, civilization, and viewpoints. Observing over 954 bird species at the Darien National Park presents a natural feel that you have entered into an ideal forest. Panama Rainforest Discovery Center and Parque Nacional Soberania are the verdant stretches of landscape that provide home to exotic birds.

Panama Outdoor Adventures offers many thrilling experiences for the travelers. Mountaineering and rafting in the finest whitewater, magnificent mountains containing coffee farmhouse, stunning snorkeling journey to the Pacific, trekking through the cloud forests, horseback ride, and family adventure trips tempt everyone to visit this place often. Rio Piedra otherwise called as Stony River is the main source of outdoor activities. The river holds a great loop and hence puts forward an enormous sight of the nearby tropical forest through which you can observe assorted plant and animal life. The best spots for diving are Ocean Dive center and Escuela de Mar.

Panama has a variety of places to carry out a grand purchase of different products. Karavan, Dario Lopez, and Taller Portobelo have a great collection of arts & crafts.  Mercado de Artesania, El Dorado Mall, Multiplaza Mall, Albrook Mall, and Market stalls are fine shopping complexes where you can find diverse products. Flory Saltzman and Reprosa are trendy shops that contain a variety of fashion jewelry that attract every woman.

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Panama Tourist Attractions