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Palazzo Barberini

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Palazzo Barberini (Barberini Palace) at Rome, Italy

Palazzo Barberini (Barberini Palace) at Rome, Italy

Palazzo Barberini is one of the most noted tourist attractions in Rome. The baroque palace is the hub of a multitude of artistic treasures by legendary artists. The setting of this exquisitely beautiful art gallery is truly eye catching and spectacular frescos adore its lavish main hall. Among the numerous gorgeous frescos in this art gallery, the fresco by Pietro da Cortona dates to 1632, and is a glorification of the Barberini family and more particularly of Maffeo Barberini. later Pope Urban VIII. He was responsible for commissioning this regal palace to designs by Maderno, Bernini and Borromini between 1627 and 1633.

The wonderful palazzo is built around a courtyard, with Bernini’s magnificent two-storey hall in the center, supported by an oval salon with along wing overlooking the Piazza Barberini. Some parts of the Palazzo Barberini are closed and some paintings are hidden from public view due to renovations.

The most amazing part of the Palazzo Barberini is its excellent art collection which comprises of contributions from some of the most eminent families of Rome. The most beautiful paintings that have been displayed in this art gallery include Raphael’s portrait of La Fornarina, Filippo Lippi’s Madonna and Child and other remarkable paintings include works by Canaletto, Andrea del Sarto, Titian, Caravaggio, Sodoma and El Greco.

Palazzo Barberini has its main entrance on Via delle Quattro Fontane. If you are looking for the ticket office of the art gallery, then you will find it at the back of the more recent buildings at Via Barberini 18, just yards from Barberini Metro station. Visitors should keep in mind that they are supposed to leave their bags in the lockers provided and refrain from using mobile phones and cameras when they enter the building.

Palazzo Barberini Map

Location Map of Palazzo Barberini

Location Map of Palazzo Barberini at Rome, Italy

Facts about Palazzo Barberini

  • The Palazzo Barberini is also referred to as the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica or the National Gallery of Ancient Art.
  • Most of the artistic works of this celebrated art gallery belong to the period the twelfth century to the eighteenth century.

Where is Palazzo Barberini?

Palazzo Barberini is located on Via delle Quattro Fontane 13 street in Rome. You can reach the palace within half-an-hour from the Ciampino Airport. The palace is also connected via metro.

Best time to visit Palazzo Barberini

The best time to visit Palazzo Barberini in Rome is the spring season as the weather is pleasant.

Palazzo Barberini Hours

The Palazzo Barberini opens from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Palazzo Barberini Tickets

The entry ticket to Palazzo Barberini costs €7.00 for adults while €3.50 is the reduced price.

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Published On: Friday, December 6th, 2013