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Mentawai Islands in Indonesia

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Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Mentawai Islands in Indonesia are a surfers paradise!

Mentawai Islands in Sumatra are amongst the exotic islands in the Indian Ocean. One of the popular locales for sightseeing in Sumatra, the islands are situated at a distance of 150 kilometers from Sumatra. The main islands that make up Mentawai Islands are Siberut, Sipura, and North and South Pagai. Staying in the Mentawai Islands gives visitors a hands-on experience of the traditional lifestyle of Indonesia.

Mentawai Islands offer a fantastic site for various things to do in Sumatra, like trekking and windsurfing. The dense rainforest on the island is home to a number of unique species of animals and birds that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The rainforest of the islands is the haven to some of the rarest wildlife resources like the Kloss Gibbon, Mentawai Macaque, Mentawai leaf monkey, and the snub-nosed monkey. You can also dive in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, not only for a swim, but also to explore the beautiful coral reefs.

The human inhabitance on the Mentawai Islands is one of the oldest human settlements in Indonesia. People in the Mentawai islands prefer living as a community, just like the people of the longhouses in Indonesia. People of Mentawai Islands prefer living in a somewhat isolated manner from the rest of the world.

Always be alert, as Mentawai Islands are located on one of the extremely active and powerful earthquake zones. Reportedly, an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 occurred here in October 2010 resulting in a tsunami that took its death toll on over 500 people. It also left over 8,000 people homeless.

Mentawai Islands Map

Facts about Mentawai Islands

  • Mentawai Islands are a group of 70 islands and islets.
  • The islands cover an area of 6,011.35 km sq.

Where is Mentawai Islands ?

Located in Indonesia off the western coast of Sumatra, the Mentawai Islands can be reached via ferry and yachts. More than 30 surf charter yachts are available in Padang harbor.

Best time to visit Mentawai Islands

The dry season between April and October is the best time to visit the Mentawai Islands.

More about Mentawai Islands

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Published On: Saturday, February 15th, 2014