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Calangute Beach, Goa

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Calangute beach of Goa, India

Calangute Beach of Goa, India

Stretched over 7km of luxurious sunny sands, Calangute Beach is one of Goa’s largest beaches. This beach does not boast of traditional boats or swaying palms; it does, however showcase some of the largest and heaviest waves in all of West Indian beaches due to its rapid drop. Known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’, it is no surprise that even today, this is the first beach tourists drop by when they visit North Goa.

A beach popular with the local townsfolk since ages, Calangute achieved notoriety when Hippies first began settling on its shores in the 1960s. Scores of reveling free-willed White Western men and women denounced the shackles of capitalism to embrace nature, thus firmly placing this beach on the world map. This popularity was one of the prime reasons behind the rapid development of Calangute Beach, Goa, even though the nearby Baga Beach did not develop until the late 1980s.

The trademark of Hippie culture has been carried into the present times as well. It is well evidenced in its insane nightlife. As the sun goes down, the beach comes alive with hordes of lively Hippies, local and international tourists who, overcoming all barriers, dance to the music of the night. The party goes on all night at Calangute beach. Chilled local beer flows freely. Along with this, an array of fried prawns and fish makes this beach one of the lifestyle Meccas of Asia.

Calangute beach specializes in delectable seafood that Goa is known for. As one walks inland, away from the madness of the beach, Casandre´, a tranquil restaurant housed in an old Portuguese bungalow awaits. It serves an old-fashioned Goan menu that comprises sizzlers, seafood and cocktails. The heritage restaurant is a trip to the Portuguese past of the state, that every traveler must visit at least once.

Le Jardin, on the other hand, is an upscale international restaurant located in a pretty garden with menu options boasting the finest Norwegian smoked salmon, butterscotch crème brûlée, grilled lamb chops and an exotic wine list. Travelers can also answer their soul-cravings at A Reverie, a luxurious lounge bar popular for its wasabi-flavored guacamole, forest mushroom soup with truffle oil, Serrano ham with grilled asparagus, Italian cheeses and French wines.

Calangute beach huts are numerous, consisting of a host of shacks and hotels for people of different income groups, thus making the area a popular accomodation choice for tourists. Open markets selling a host of handmade items and small trinkets make this one of the busiest areas in Goa. T A lot many water sports can be enjoyed here. Right from surfing to water sailing to parasailing, the possibilities are endless.

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Calangute Beach Map

Facts about Calangute Beach

  • Calangute is divided into two main areas: the northern beach and the southern beach. The northern side is a haven of souvenir shops, local bars, cheap eateries and hundreds of tourists. The southern beach, in contrast, is more sophisticated. With fancy restaurants and a relaxed crowd, this is a welcome break from the touristy northern beach.
  • The town has been immortalized in popular culture by singer Lorna Cordeiro who recorded a Konkani song about the town and beach, titled, “Calangute”.
  • The Kerkar Art Complex displays the powerful art pieces by artist Dr. Subodh Kerkar. His visually entrancing paintings, sculptures and photographs adorn its walls. In addition to open-air dance recitals every Tuesday night, the Complex also boasts of the multi-cuisine Waves Restaurant, making it an inherently sumptuous experience for travelers.

Where is Calangute Beach?

Located in the Bardez Taluka of North Goa, Calangute is a mere 15km from Panaji, the capital, making it one of the most commonly visited beaches of the state. Buses are available from Panaji for Rs.7 and it takes 45 minutes to reach Calangute from there. From Mapusa, buses charge around Rs.6 per person. A taxi from Panaji to Calangute, on the other hand costs about Rs.200 and takes 30 minutes.

The distance of Calangute to Dabolim International Airport is 39.9km and it takes a little more than an hour to reach the beach from the airport. A prepaid taxi from the airport usually charges Rs.550. Calangute Beach to Anjuna Beach is a rocky 7.6km stretch that takes around 19 minutes. The beach is also 12.8km (31 minutes) away from Chapora Beach and 4.5km (13 minutes) away from Candolim Beach. Thivim is the railway station nearest to Calangute Beach Goa. Taxi from the station costs about Rs.400 and takes 20 minutes to reach the beach from here. The other railway stations in the vicinity are Vasco Da Gama and Margao.

Best time to visit Calangute Beach

Located away from the oppressive heat of the hinterlands, Calangute beach experiences a relatively cooler climate than the rest of Goa. May is the hottest month, followed by rains in June. June to September witnesses rough rains. The monsoons are not a good season to visit the beach as all sorts of water sports as well as swimming are prohibited. The real fun begins in November and lasts till March. The beach hosts some of Goa’s more intoxicating parties during the Christmas – New Year weekend.

More on Calangute Beach

What are the coordinates of  Calangute Beach?

Calangute Beach is located at the coordinates of 15.54º N and 73.75º E.

What are some of the attractions near Calangute Beach?

Aguada Fort, Souza Lobo, Baga Beach, Mirabai Goan Village, Parra, Panaji.

Published On: Monday, December 22nd, 2014