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Wong Tai Sin Temple

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Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin Temple at Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin is a popular god worshiped by people in Hong Kong. The name of the God translates as ‘Great immortal Wong.’ It is believed that the Wong Tai Sin God has magical powers and grants his worshipers whatever they ask for. The famous Wong Tai Sin temple is dedicated to the Wong Tai Sin God.

A large number of worshipers flock to the temple throughout the year offering prayers to the deity, which it is believed are answered.

There is a legend about the Wong Tai Sin God, that says that at the age of 15, a small shepherd boy was enlightened with the knowledge of curing sick people with the help of a cinnabar. He knew how to convert the cinnabar into medicines. He spent 40 years of his life in isolation, making himself perfect in this method and finally earned a lot of fame as a Taoist by becoming immortal. This little boy was later known by the name of Wong Tai Sin.

The temple is visited by innumerable worshipers who wish to know their fortunes with the help of the lighted sticks and by shaking the Bamboo cylinder. When one of the fortune sticks fall to the ground, the stick which has a number on it is exchanged with a piece of paper. The fortune of the worshiper is contained in this piece of paper, which is interpreted and read by the soothsayer.

So, if you are seeking solutions to your problems or want to know your future, you must visit the Wong Tai Sin temple.

The tourists can buy souvenirs in the form of joss sticks or sacred gifts that are sold outside the temple premises. The temple also has a traditional Chinese garden where the tourists can relax and enjoy the peaceful aura around the temple.

Wong Tai Sin Temple Map

Facts about Wong Tai Sin Temple

  • Wong Tai Sin Temple is an ancient Taoist temple built in the year 1921.
  • It flaunts the traditional style of Chinese architecture with large, decorated red pillars and a brilliant gold roof.
  • Immortal Wong’s birthday is celebrated annually with great pomp and show on the 23rd day of the eighth lunar month.

Where is Wong Tai Sin Temple?

The famous Wong Tai Sin temple is located in Chuk Yuen Village, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon. Chek Lap Kok International Airport (HKG) is located at a distance of 28.0 kilometers (17.4 miles) from the temple. You can also reach the temple by boarding an MTR train to Wong Tai Sin station. You just need to follow the signs to reach the temple and it is just some steps away from the station.

Best time to visit Wong Tai Sin Temple

During a weekday, the best time to visit the Temple is around 9:00 am or late afternoons. The days that one must avoid are the busiest days, i.e., Chinese New Year’s Eve and holidays, the days from January 1st to 15th and Wong Tai Sin’s birthday.

Wong Tai Sin Temple Hours

Visitors are allowed to enter the temple complex every day from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Wong Tai Sin Temple Tickets

No fee is charged for entry into the Wong Tai Sin Temple.

More on Wong Tai Sin Temple

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Published On: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013