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Viktualienmarkt in Munich, Germany

Viktualienmarkt - The oldest Market in Munich

Viktualienmarkt – The oldest Food Market in Munich, Germany

Viktualienmarkt is a market place that tourists in Munich love to visit. It was initially known as Markplatz, meaning a market square. Later on, it became popular by the name of Viktualienmarkt or a market selling food and other provisions. This market place was set up by a decree made by King Maximilian I in 1807. Initially it was a small central market. Looking at the growing need for a larger market from where people could buy items of daily use, the Viktualienmarkt evolved by bringing down the charity buildings which were part of the church property.

Many market halls have been constructed as part of the Viktualienmarkt. The famous Great Hall Market is one of them. Victuals market or Viktualienmarkt started as a farmers’ market. The word victual in Latin means food. Gradually, it developed to be a proper market square. In a single market place customers get exotic products ranging from vegetables, fruits, meat of venison and fowl, sausages, butter, eggs, tea, flowers, spices, herbs and wine.

If you feel tired from shopping, you can relax at the Beer Garden centrally located in the market. It is a shady haunt and has a seating capacity of a thousand people. The beer garden attracts the visitors with its pleasant aura created by hundred-year old chestnut trees. You can either bring your own food or munch some of the hearty Bavarian specialties offered here.

These days, the market hosts conventional and folkloric events like gardeners’ day, opening of the asparagus season, weighing celebrities, brewers’ day, summer festival, dance of the market women on Shrove Tuesday, etc.

Viktualienmarkt Map

Facts about Viktualienmarkt

  • The market suffered damage during World War II, and was renovated with an addition of some new elements such as the fountains, etc.
  • Presently, the market square occupies an area of about 22 thousand meters.
  • There are about 140 stalls in Viktualienmarkt.

Where is Viktualienmarkt ?

Viktualienmarkt market is located in Munich, and can be reached by a half-hour journey from the Munich airport. If you wish to visit the market by public transport, you can take either of these buses: S-Bahn lines 1-8, U3 or U6, Bus 52 to Marienplatz, then walk towards Tal, and turn right behind St. Peter’s church. It is always relieving to take a taxi if you don’t feel like walking.

Best time to visit Viktualienmarkt

The best months to visit Munich are March to May when there is neither the fall crowd nor the summer peak season.

Viktualienmarkt Hours

Viktualienmarkt opens on Mondays through Fridays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. On Saturdays, it opens from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Some shops or stalls close later.

More about Viktualienmarkt

Nearby Attractions: Schrannenhalle, St. Peter’s Church, Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus), Ayinger Brewery, Toy Museum (Spielzeugmuseum) and Fuhrer Building.


Published On: Saturday, October 26th, 2013