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Herrenhausen Gardens in Germany

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Great Garden in Herrenhausen Gardens

View of the Great Garden inside  Herrenhausen Gardens of Germany

One of the foremost tourist attractions in Germany, the Herrenhausen Gardens (Herrenhäuser Gärten) are a treat to the eyes. The gardens are divided into several parts, such as the Great Garden, the Georgengarten, the Berggarten, and the Welfengarten. Highly stylized and ornate, the baroque horticulture is sure to impress visitors. The way these gardens are laid out bears a great deal of resemblance to the French and English landscaped gardens.

The Great Garden (Großer Garten), an integral part of the Herrenhausen Gardens, is a result of the initiatives taken by Sophia, Electress of Hanover, and an outstanding woman. The gardens comprise of lawns, hedges, walkways and statues. It serves as the venue for festivals like the Festival of Small Arts and Small Festival in the Great Garden, and also for firework competitions. The fountain is a major highlight of the gardens. The three-roomed grotto beautifully decorated with crystals, minerals, glass and seashells is the work of the artist, Niki de Saint Phalle. A truly pleasurable experience awaits visitors spending time at the largest baroque garden in Germany. Especially in the summer months, people love to spend some time in the serene and tranquil ambience of the grotto as well as look at with admiration at the elaborate decorations.

The Bergarten, an equally important part of the Herrenhausen Garden, is the largest botanical garden in the country. It has the richest collection of orchids in Europe. The flowers in full bloom are a riot of colors. Do not miss out on the Rain forest house that is a perfect place to see the different butterflies and birds that reside in the garden.

The gardens of the University of Hannover are better known as Welfgarten. The castle within the precincts of this garden is presently used as the main university building. The bronze sculpture in front of the building draws the attention of visitors.

The Herrenhausen Palace Museum is another interesting place located in the vicinity of the gardens. It is actually a reconstruction of the summer palace of the Guelph royal family. The state capital Hannover and the Volkswagen Foundation took the initiative of rebuilding the palace and converting into a museum in 2009

Herrenhausen Gardens Location Map

Facts about Herrenhausen Gardens

  • The construction of the gardens began in the year 1666.
  • They were laid out by the Kings of Hannover.
  • The gardens suffered heavy damage during World War II.

Where is Herrenhausen Gardens ?

Located in Hannover, Lower Saxony’s capital, the Herrenhausen Gardens can be reached within 15 minutes from the Hannover Airport.

Best time to visit Herrenhausen Gardens

The best time to visit the Herrenhausen Gardens is during summers.

Herrenhausen Gardens Hours

The gardens open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Herrenhausen Gardens Tickets

There is a combined entry ticket to the Großer Garten, Berggarten, and Museum Schloss which costs €8.00 per person during summers, and €6 per person during winters.

For other tickets refer :

More about Herrenhausen Gardens

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Image Credits : Johannes D.

Published On: Tuesday, February 25th, 2014