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Benin Travel Information

Benin Travel Information

Benin is officially known as the Republic of Benin and is a country in Western Africa. There are abundant Tourist Attractions in Benin where the travelers can visit and explore the country.

Where is Benin?

The country of Benin is in the Africa continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 8.5150° N, 2.2325° E. Benin Location Map

Facts about Benin

Benin derives its name from Bight of Benin, a water-body located in the southern region of the country.

Benin covers an area of 43,484 square miles and as of 2009, has an estimated population of 8,791,832. Its geographic coordinates are 6 13N, 0 4E.

More Facts

Places to visit in Benin

Some of the important destinations meant for a fruitful Benin travel are:

  • Cotonou: Filled with restaurants, the shopping center of Grand Marche de Dantokpa.
  • Porto Novo: The Musee Ethnographique de Porto Novo is a storehouse of Yoruba artifacts.
  • Musee Historique d’Abomey: This museum has on its display thrones and other royal items of the Ghezo anf Glele kings.
  • Parc National de Pendjari: This is a national park in the northern part of Natitingou where one will come across leopards, lions, baboons, elephants and other animals.
  • Possotomé is an attractive village of Benin. The scenic beauty of this small village known as Possotomé is simply exotic and brilliant. The best time to plan for the tour of Possotomé is in the months of June to September. The tour to Possotomé includes the following places of attraction:
    • Thermal Springs: The tourists to Possotomé can have a visit to the factory and witness the process of bottling of the Possotomé water.
    • The lake Aheme: On the banks of the river the villages of Bopa and Possotomé are located. The tourists can spend either the afternoon time or the morning time in this lake side. The villages are very picturesque and the villagers are also very friendly to the tourists. The scenery from the lake is brilliant.
  • Parakou is one of the most assorted cities of the country of Benin. The city of Parakou is the largest city of northern Benin. The places of interests at Parakou include:
    • Musee de Plein Air: This is a museum elated with the Bariba and houses the interesting history of Peulh. The visitors to Parakou are advised to have a guided tour to the museum.
    • Centre Culturel Francais: This sis French cultural center and the tourists can get to see presentations and sometimes movies. Le Palais KOBURU du Roi Akpaki Dagbara de Parakou: This is the house of the local king of Bariba.
    • Centre Songhai: The tourists who have interest in agriculture and ecology can visit Centre Songhai which is an organic farm and offers a variety of vegetarian products for sale.
  • Ganvie is the fishing village of Benin. What is the most interesting thing to watch in Ganvie is the thatched bamboo huts of the inhabitants of Ganvie perched on the stilts on the lake. Ganvie, Benin is a very popular day trip from Cotonou. The village will give a glimpse of vibrant and colorful lives of the local people. The ride on the lake is a pleasurable experience.
  • In the Atakora Department of the country of Benin, the town of Kouandé is situated. It is located within the arrondissement of Kouandé which is again positioned in the commune of Kouandé.
  • Taneka Kobo is a picturesque village in Benin. Located, amidst exotic landscapes. It is ideal for those who wants to spend their holidays far from the bustle and din of the city and in close communion with nature. The best time to visit the place is November to May when the weather is perfect. There are frequent thunder storms during other part of the year. A number of festivals are also celebrated during this part of the year. Tourists can enjoy the true color of the place.

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