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The Snowy Mountains in Australia

The Snowy Mountains, Australia

The Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia

The Snowy Mountains are the highest mountain range of Australia and boast of Australia’s tallest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko (altitude of 2,228 meters). They are also known as the “Snowies”. They are a section of the Australian Alps and the Great Dividing Range. Historians believe that the mountains were inhabited by indigenous tribes for twenty thousand years. The mountains were explored during the nineteenth century, by the Europeans, in the year 1835.

Unpredictable weather

The weather in the Snowy Mountains is unpredictable. However, the snowfall is mostly seen during June through early August. Even if you visit the mountains in summers, you must carry a jumper and waterproof jackets. The temperature in winters fall below zeros and minor roads are closed.

Things to do

The region is well known for grazing and skiing. It is also the largest producer of fine wools, lamb and stud cattle and sheep. The major tourist attraction of the place is the high country that is replete with Australia’s premier ski fields. World class amenities are available in the centers of Thredbo, Perisher, Smiggins, and Guthega. Besides bushwalking and hiking, you can enjoy chairlift, fishing, horse riding, watersports, caving, abseiling, 4WD offroad and quadbiking in the Snowy Mountains.

Scenic flora at the Snowies

In the summer season the Snowies look gorgeous with colorful wild flowers that seem to make a wonderful carpet. Especially during January and February the wildflowers in yellow, orange, white and purple offer the best displays. In the winter season the mountains are enveloped with shimmering snow. The Snow Gums can be seen standing with bent branches draped in snow. While the alpine vegetation dominates the high country, the southern Byadbo is covered by dry sclerophyll and wattle forests.

Rare and endangered fauna at the mountains

The Kosciuszko National Park shelters one of Australia’s most endangered species the Corroboree frog. The high country houses the almost extinct mouse-sized mountain pygmy possum and endangered yellow and black corroboree frog. Other animals found in the Snowies include the wingless grasshopper, wallabies, dusky antechinus, platypus, wombats, squirrel gliders, the red chested flame robin, and spotted-tailed quoll.

The Snowy Mountains Map


Facts about The Snowy Mountains

  • The chief commercial and business center in the Snowy Mountains is Cooma.
  • There are also lakes, dams, and hydro power stations in the region, all of which are part of the Snowy River Hydro Electric project.
  • Jindabyne, another important town, leads to the snowfields and countless Ski Resorts.
  • Other significant towns of the region are Adaminaby, Berridale, Bombala, Dalgety, Delegate, and Nimmatabel.

Where is The Snowy Mountains?

Snowy Mountains are located in southern part of New South Wales. They are located midway between Sydney and Melbourne, and are south of Canberra. The nearest airport named Snowy Mountains Airport is located at a distance of around 80 km.

Best time to visit The Snowy Mountains

The best time to visit this area is during the spring (September to November) and summer (December to February). During spring, the whole region looks like a multicolored patchwork because of the alpine wildflowers and in summer many people come to the place to find respite from the summer heat. Skiing in winter (June to August) is another popular option.

More on The Snowy Mountains

Nearby Attractions: Thredbo Historical Society, Kosciuszko National Park, Charlotte Pass Lookout, Dead Horse Gap, and Gaden Trout Hatchery.



Published On: Monday, December 16th, 2013